Law Firm Marketing: 4 Ways to Build Your Email List

We've talked in depth about why an email newsletter is so important for your law firm. It's one of the best tools available to build top-of-mind awareness and generate more referrals. Every small law firm should have an e-newsletter and they should be sending it out on a regular basis. BUT... an email newsletter is only as effective as your mailing list. We have clients who have 5,000+ recipients on their list, Read More

Live Blog: The Best Thing I Did for My Law Firm in 2016

Marc Cerniglia here, Co-Founder of Spotlight Branding. I am live in Greensboro, GA at the How to Manage a Small Law Firm Live Quarterly Meeting. They are bringing you a special event tonight where their members (lawyers) are sharing the best thing they did for their firm in 2016. Check back below for live updates on the great advice and ideas that will be shared through the night. Normally, this event is exclusively Read More

Law Firm Marketing: How to Attract the Work & the Clients You REALLY Want in 2017

Be honest with yourself: How much time do you spend each week doing work that you don’t enjoy, for clients that you don’t enjoy working with? If you’re like many lawyers, that represents a pretty significant amount of your time. And as a result, you’re not enjoying your practice as much as you should be, and your firm is not running as smoothly as it should be. You (and your staff) are more motivated, more Read More

Law Firm Marketing: How to Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition

Most conversations about marketing a law firm - or really, most businesses - are focused on the medium, not the message. It’s easy to get distracted by bright shiny objects - “Should we try AdWords? What about SEO? Or maybe a billboard?” Those are good conversations to have. The problem is that most firms aren’t first having a conversation about their marketing message. The channels you use to communicate your Read More

Your website. A Haunted House of Horrors?

When a visitor arrives at your law firm website, do they run away screaming like a kid who just saw a ghost? When they get to your website, are they greeted by the digital version of cobwebs and creaky old floors: A design that's 10 years out of date Broken functionality and links that don't work Intimidating (scary!) content that doesn't resonate with your target audience and doesn't reflect your Read More

Lawyers: Are You Focusing on the Wrong Things in Your Internet Marketing?

Many lawyers have a basic understanding of what they need to be doing to market their firm on the internet. They need to be seen and they need to look good. But there’s a whole lot more to it. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and as a result many lawyers are focused on the wrong areas when it comes to their internet marketing. Here are three examples. Google Rankings Should Not Be Read More

4 Key Strategies to Your Law Firm’s E-Newsletter

Having an email newsletter for your law firm is one of the most foundational pieces of your marketing. It keeps you in touch with everyone you know, and can help with referrals, continuing relationships, and creating new opportunities. There are some simple strategies that can help make sure you are sending out the most effective e-newsletter. Here are 4 strategies, particularly when it comes to the content of Read More

Why Every Lawyer Needs an Email Newsletter

I still often hear lawyers bringing up concerns over having an e-newsletter for their law firm. More often than not, it centers around wondering if it is worth it, and concern that it will just be a “bother” to those who receive it. I do not know how to put it more plainly than this: Not having an e-newsletter for your law firm could be one of the biggest mistakes you least from a marketing standpoint. Read More

Market to People, Not Robots: Four Ways to “Humanize” Your Internet Marketing

FAR too many lawyers equate "internet marketing" with "showing up on the first page of Google." Not that Google isn't important for professionals - it is - but internet marketing is MUCH BIGGER than Google. And when firms focus their "marketing" on that single objective... it rarely works out for them. They end up using marketing strategies that are focused solely on manipulating the Google algorithm, at the Read More

Social Media for Lawyers: What You Need to Know

Does your law practice have a presence on social media? If not, you could be missing out on a great channel to stay top-of-mind with your referral sources and your target market. The following is a brief overview of what you need to know about your firm’s presence on social media. What Should You Post? There’s a fine line between being an active participant in the world of social media and over-promoting Read More

View Our Work with Client Examples

View Our Work with Client Examples

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“Spotlight Branding helped me create a blog that was awarded the 4th best in the country for my practice area.
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“Top notch company to keep you in front of your clients. Spotlight Branding has been with us from day one and…
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“Since hiring Spotlight Branding, I have seen significant measurable results. My referrals have steadily incre…
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