7 Foolproof Ways to Create Engaging Content Part 5: The “Cool” Strategy

Buckle up, because it’s time to level up your content game! This month, we’re going over a fifth way to quickly and easily create content that will hook your leads and prospects. So far, we’ve covered the “Top 3” method, the “One Thing” strategy, the “Success Story” hack, and the “Inspiration” method — which brings us to one of our favorites, the “Cool” strategy. 

This is similar to the “Inspiration” method. With that tip, the idea was to find something that inspired you and share it with your audience. In this case, you’re sharing something cool! It could be anything: a crazy legal fact, a podcast, a class about your favorite hobby, or a local coffee shop you love. 

As you choose your topics, just remember that your cool thing should connect to either your work or you personally. Don’t go wildly off-topic and share a fun fact about whales—unless you’re an environmental lawyer. Your goal should be to both engage readers and keep yourself and your firm top of mind. 

The “Cool” strategy works because like the “Inspiration” method, it showcases your passion and makes you seem more relatable. Plus, there’s no denying that cool things are infinitely more clickable than boring things. That makes this a great content strategy for social media. 

This is only part five of our seven-part series, so more wisdom is on the way! Keep an eye out for future newsletters with strategies six and seven. In the meantime, put this one to work and enjoy the buzz you generate.

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