Twitter Marketing for Business: Four Ways to Reach a Larger Audience When You Tweet

You may be the most prolific, brilliant Twitter user on the planet –but it doesn’t matter if your tweets are not reaching your audience. Frankly, Twitter isn’t worth the time or effort if your tweets are just floating off into the void and not resonating with real people.We spend a lot of time on Twitter, and unfortunately this seems to be the case for most business owners. They may have a well-designed profile and Read More

Social Media Marketing: What Should I Post on Social Media?

You’ve got a Facebook page and a Twitter profile. But… what should you be doing with it? Many of the professionals and business owners we work with aren’t sure exactly what type of content they should be posting through their social media presence.In this blog entry, we’re going to go over a brief list of the common “categories” of content we recommend posting. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and not every Read More

Do Website Visitors Know That You “Get It”?

We all know people who just “get it.” Sometimes it’s because they share our political views, enjoy the same music, or cheer for the same sports team.We judge that other people “get it” when they share our beliefs, values, and perspectives on specific matters. And when somebody gets it, we are much more likely to enjoy their company or conversation.The same is true with your business. When a potential client visits Read More

Social Media Marketing: Is Your Message Consistent?

If there’s one thing lacking from the social media presence of most businesses, it’s consistency. Most businesses these days have a social media presence, even if it’s just the owner’s LinkedIn profile or a Facebook business page. But what they don’t do is use their social media presence consistently.The lack of consistency shows up in different ways. One common issue is a lack of regular activity – the business may Read More

Social Media Marketing: How to Enhance Your Client Experience Through Social Media

Social media is an effective way to grow your business. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube give you the ability to reach your target market in a cost-effective and engaging way.But there’s more to social media than finding new customers and clients. Social media can be a very effective way to engage your current clients and improve the overall client experience that your business provides.Below Read More

Social Media Marketing: Five All-Too-Common Mistakes to Avoid

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn represent new technologies and new worlds for many business owners. And just like anything else, mastering social media takes time.Unfortunately, the mistakes you make while you’re still “new to the game” can be costly. So today, we are going to highlight five of the most common mistakes that business owners commit in the world of social media.Are you making any Read More

Three Ways to Use Facebook Ads Effectively

“Do Facebook Ads work?”We get this question often. And it’s impossible to answer. (Although that doesn’t stop the media from trying.)Our follow up question is always “that depends on what you’re trying to do!”Yes, Facebook Ads can be very effective when it comes to growing your audience and driving traffic to your website. It’s a valuable platform for reaching a highly targeted audience. And it doesn’t require a Read More

Content Marketing: What it is, and Why it Works

You’ve probably heard the term “content marketing” used from time to time. But just to review, here’s the widely cited definition:Content marketing is “a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”In other words, content marketing means Read More

Five Questions to Ask Before Promoting Any Product or Service

We have written a lot about planning. Whether it’s setting your overall marketing strategy or simply creating a plan for growing your audience on Twitter, you are always better off by taking the time to plan strategically before you begin.Today, we’re going to apply this concept specifically to the process of promoting any single product or service that you may offer. Below are five key questions that you need to Read More

Are You Marketing Features… or Benefits?

As you market your products or services, what is your message focused on: features, or benefits?Features are qualities or characteristics that your products and services offer. If you are selling laptops, for instance, features would include the speed of the processor, the size of the hard drive, and the screen resolution.Benefits, on the other hand, focus on the results your customers will get from using your Read More