Email Marketing: Seven Steps to Ensure Success

Email marketing is one of your most powerful digital advertising tools. However, using it effectively can be difficult, particularly if you’re new to the process. Below are seven steps to help you succeed.1. Provide ValueFirst and foremost, it is vital to provide real value in your emails. You need to give your readers a reason to read the email—and to continue to read future emails from you. This might mean offering Read More

Small Business Marketing: Four Steps to Generate More Referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly powerful. A sincere recommendation from a friend or a colleague is more valuable and more likely to result in new business than even the best-crafted direct mail piece, website, or commercialThis isn’t a secret—most of us know this to be true from experience. And most of us, at some point or another, have focused time and energy on generating more referrals. Today, we’re going to Read More

Five Steps to a More Effective Website

Most of you have a website—even if it is something simple that a friend or a family member created for you several years ago. Today, we’re going to address five common website shortcomings, along with the steps you need to take to remedy them. 1) Create a clear, simple, and appealing home page. Your home page should be as clear as possible for your audience. It should convey your most important marketing message Read More

Direct Marketing 101: 5 Steps to a Higher Conversion Rate

At One Marketing, our focus is helping Miami small businesses grow- primarily through direct marketing. Direct marketing can utilize a variety of mediums – websites, email marketing, sales letters, and more.There are several characteristics that distinguish direct marketing from other forms of marketing, including a clear, specific call to action, a carefully selected target market, and trackablity. Because a direct Read More

Internet Marketing 101: Position Yourself as an Expert

By now, you probably know that prospective customers are turning to the internet when they need services. Whether you’re a lawyer, a landscaper, or a real estate agent, you can rest assured that customers in your market are turning to Google when they are looking for these services.If your business isn’t showing up, you obviously aren’t going to win their business.Fortunately, strategies like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Read More

Marketing 101: Do You Have a Plan?

Effective marketing isn’t easy—and there are plenty of ways to waste your time and your resources. This is particularly true for small business owners, as most of us can’t afford to spend hours each day refining our marketing tactics. That said, there is one specific mistake that stands out above all the rest: The failure to have a plan.Without a marketing plan, you are flying blind. Your initiatives may seem like a Read More

Five Ways to Engage Your Audience via Facebook

As a business owner, you’ve heard it over and over: you have to get on Facebook. Social media marketing has been a popular trend for several years now—and with good reason. The fact is that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn offer the opportunity to reach a virtually unlimited audience—for little to no cost. But there is more to creating an effective presence than simply creating a Read More

Raving Fans versus Satisfied Customers

When it comes to customer service, what is your goal?For many business owners, the answer is “satisfied customers.” They strive to provide a quality product or service and create a pleasant enough experience to ensure that the customer walks away satisfied… and that he or she becomes a repeat customer.But aiming just to satisfy customers is setting the bar too low.Instead, your goal should be to create raving Read More

The Power Of Twitter For Personal Branding

Marc Cerniglia, Vice President of One Marketing, a Miami marketing agency, notes that Twitter can be effectively utilized to create a strong personal brand. Miami, FL – February 23, 2012 - Marc Cerniglia, Vice President of One Marketing, a Miami marketing agency, recently published an entry on his blog ( discussing personal branding. The blog entry, titled “Use Twitter to Build Your Personal Read More

Why You Need an Internet Marketing System

Many business owners have a perception that, once they “take the plunge” and create a website, that the business will simply start rolling in. Ten years ago that may have been the case—but today’s online marketplace is so crowded that simply creating a website isn’t enough to achieve any sort of results. It’s not enough to have a website today—without a holistic internet marketing system, it’s impossible to get Read More