Are You Falling for Deceptive Marketing?

*This article originally appeared in the November 2019 edition of our print newsletter. It’s time to talk about that darling of marketing pitches and boardroom presentations: the proposal. You know the one. It’s five pages long, filled with graphs, pictures, drawn-out examples, and topped off by a flashy executive summary. All too often, we watch incompetent marketing companies use pretty proposals to get law Read More

“I’m Just a Solo”: Is Your Mindset Undermining Your Company’s Future?

*This article appeared in the November 2019 edition of our print newsletter This summer, my team and I spent the weekend at a conference for solo and small law firms, shaking hands and dispensing marketing advice. The trip was a success, but one glaring problem stood out to me. Over and over, I met lawyers from solo and small law firms who were afraid of growth. I don’t think they were even conscious of the fear. Read More

4 Marketing Disasters to Avoid with Your Website

Spotlight Branding has been in business for nearly a decade, so we’ve seen a lot of attorney websites. Of course there are a lot of great ones out there. However, there are A LOT of bad attorney websites out there; and if you are the owner of one, it is costing you not only thousands of dollars in lost business, but it’s doing damage to your reputation as an attorney. Your website is like a digital version of your Read More

Fully Understand Your Marketing by Tracking the Data That Matters!

This is going to sound like a clickbait article, but bear with us. Here’s the secret marketing companies don’t want you to know about! Marketing companies like to throw a lot of data at you and then gloat at how their work has resulted in an increase in various metrics. Unfortunately for you - a lot of that data is useless. Those numbers are mostly for vanity and don’t really give you any insight into how well Read More

The Smart Way to Hire: Why It’s Time to Shake Up Your Law Firm’s Hiring Process

*This article appeared in the October 2019 edition of our print newsletter Most businesses use a similar hiring process. Prospective candidates send in their resumes for the hiring manager to review. Then, based on almost nothing more than those resumes, they decide who is valuable enough for an in-person interview. Finally, after a 30–60-minute conversation, they choose the perfect employee. If that doesn’t sound Read More

Break Away from Bland: How to Write Content That Pops

When it comes to winning over customers with content marketing, many lawyers seem to think, “If we publish, they will come.” That would certainly explain the flood of bland, cookie-cutter blog posts pumped out across social media every day. To win over readers and make the most of your marketing dollars, your content needs to have a personality — a voice. Of course, personalizing content comes with a few pitfalls Read More

7 Networking Ideas & Tips for Attorneys

Networking is about nurturing relationships. It’s about being visible through email, blogging, social networking, and of course, in-person! Even if you have other marketing efforts in place, nothing beats getting some boots on the ground and ingraining yourself in your community. If you're not sure where to start, here are several options! 1. Social Media Networking Having a foot in the digital space is a great Read More

Cooking Up an Effective Website: Your Recipe for Business Success

*This article appeared in the October 2019 edition of our newsletter If you’ve ever hosted a dinner party, then you know how important it is to pull off a well-executed meal for your guests. A burned casserole, rubbery chicken, or fallen souffle can easily ruin the evening, prompting picked-at plates and hasty goodbyes. Worse, it can leave your friends with a bad impression and maybe even scare them away from Read More

Taking a Stand Against SEO

*This article appeared in the October 2019 edition of our print newsletter. After reading “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller, I started looking at my business and its role in the world in terms of the story we are telling. In short, Story Brand is the idea that every story is propelled by three main characters: the hero, the guide, and the villain. (Think about Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Darth Vader in Star Read More

Elevate Your Brand by Diversifying Your Content

Content is king, right? If your website and social media profiles are stagnant and haven’t been updated in a while, you’re losing out on thousands of dollars in business. Why? Because people are looking for information.  We believe the content you produce should include evergreen, practical information that your visitors can come back to over and over again when they have questions. Not only does it build your Read More