Coca Cola and Your Marketing Strategy

What could the world’s most popular soda possibly have in common with the marketing strategy of your small law firm? (Don’t tune out now if you’re #TeamPepsi, this blog is still applicable!) More than you might think. Let’s dive into why they market the way they do, who they’re marketing to, and what their goals are with their advertising channels. When you first read the title of this blog, I doubt you (or Read More

Ten Opportunities To Improve Your Law Firm Marketing

This article is a modified excerpt from our 2017 Special Report: Ten Opportunities To Improve Your Law Firm Marketing Your marketing strategy is the key to growing your law firm. If your marketing strategy is stale (or non-existent) you’re not going to fuel the growth you’re hoping for. On the other hand, an effective marketing strategy will help you bring in new clients, generate more referrals, and even help you Read More

Three Ways to Build Your ACE Brand

At Spotlight Branding, one of our core focuses is helping lawyers build their brand as an ACE - Authoritative, Credible, Expert. As an ACE, you command higher rates. You earn more referrals. You attract clients rather than spending time and resources chasing them down. You can afford to be choosy about who you'll work with and what types of work you take on. If you want to know more about the benefits of Read More

What Can You Do OFF the Internet to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing?

Your internet foundation is critical in bringing in referrals, repeat business, and keeping your expert status on the top of potential clients’ minds. These themes are core focuses at Spotlight Branding, and are vital for your law firm’s internet presence. However, there is more that you can (and should) do off the internet to make all those marketing systems work to their full potential.   The first place to Read More

Thoughts from the Richard James Partners Club in Phoenix

Last week, I was in Phoenix where we had the opportunity to participate in the Richard James Partners Club event as a sponsor. We had a great time and I wanted to share some thoughts and takeaways that may be helpful as you build your law practice. One of the topics which resonated with me the most is the concept of building and developing a law practice from Chaos, to Growth, to Health, to Freedom. It's a simple Read More

Do You Need More Clients… or Better Clients?

When we ask lawyers what they need their marketing to accomplish for them, the most common answer by far is “I need more clients.” But we’d like to challenge that mindset. Do you really need more clients… or do you need better clients? Take a moment and think through the clients you’ve worked with over the past several months. How many of them: Didn’t pay you on time, in full, or maybe didn’t pay at all Read More

Becoming Unforgettable in 2018

We’re a week into 2018, and this is a great time to set plans and goals for the New Year. We’d argue that one of your most important goals, from a marketing and business development standpoint, should be to become unforgettable. This means two things - it means building a strong brand that creates credibility and makes you memorable. And it means putting systems in place to stay top-of-mind with your network - Read More

Should I Use Instagram in my Marketing?

There are a lot of social media channels out there, and some are much more popular than others; i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is also extremely popular, especially among people aged 18-29. As the age increases, their likelihood of being active on the app declines. But the popularity of this platform brings up the valid question: Should Instagram be used in a small law firm’s marketing? The short answer: Read More

I Just Opened My Law Firm, Where Should I Start With My Marketing?

Opening your own law firm, especially straight out of law school, can be overwhelming. Unless you happen to win the lottery, chances are you don’t have a giant pile of cash lying around to put towards your law firm; especially when you’re still working to pay back those student loans. At a time when it’s very important to allocate funds carefully, here is how we recommend you proceed: Focus on the resource you Read More

What Are the Most Important Functions of a Good Law Firm Website?

While there are many components to a good law firm website, today we’re going to cover a few of the most important features. You want your website to portray the following three things to potential clients, and anyone who visits your website: 1) Make it clear what you do and who you help. Within the first few seconds that someone is on your website, they should be able to tell what you do, and if you can help them Read More