Personalize Your Direct Mail Referrals with Touchnote!

Every year, many law firm owners send out birthday and holiday cards to their current and past clients. And while these cards are a nice gesture, most firms usually just grab the same card from a stack in their closet and sign their name. TouchNote gives you the opportunity to go above and beyond.  How much more likely is it that a personalized, unique card will be read by the person who received it? How much Read More

Host Office Trivia with Kahoot!

Looking for a fun team-bonding activity and a way to spice up your weekly team meetings? Having a quick round of trivia can make it happen! We’re a competitive bunch here in the office, and we’re always down to see who has the most knowledge.  Kahoot! makes this really easy. Their platform allows you to create games from a bank of premade questions, or you can customize it and come up with your own. We have a Read More

Standardize Task Management with CRM!

If your firm isn’t utilizing a CRM, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Even more, all of these apps have a task management platform built in, which makes it easy for you to standardize the way everyone in the office organizes and completes their tasks.  Of course, these practice management systems do more than organize your tasks. They can help you organize and track the leads generated by you and Read More

Never Forget a Follow-Up Again with Boomerang!

Following up with all of your clients and colleagues can easily become a mess. How do you consistently remind yourself to follow up on an email if you haven’t heard back yet, especially before it’s too late? Boomerang solves this problem and more!  We practice “zero inbox” here at the office, which means we always do our best to start and end the day with an empty email inbox. And while that may sound like a Read More

CloudApp: A More Efficient Way to Communicate

Imagine this scenario: You need to explain something to an associate or a paralegal, so you write up a long, tedious email. In the end, your written explanation didn’t make sense and you’ve wasted time writing an explanation that would have been so much easier to describe visually.  That’s what CloudApp can do for you! This app enables you to record your voice and what you see on your screen so you can Read More

The Enneagram Test: A Comprehensive Way to Learn About Yourself and Your Team

Communication is a big focus in our office. However, it’s not just what we communicate that’s important, but also how. One of the best ways to learn how to communicate with each other is being able to tailor your communication based on the other person’s personality. This is where the enneagram test comes in.  We’ve taken a deep dive into the enneagram at our office, and it has unlocked a much deeper Read More

Time Tracking Made Easy: Use Clockify to See How Much Time You’re Actually Spending on Tasks!

Time management is a HUGE issue for many attorneys. We’ve had obstacles related to time management in our office, too, and to figure out where we could improve, we worked backward. In order to figure out how to solve a time management issue, you need to first understand where all your time is going in the first place.  That’s where Clockify comes in. Clockify is a free time-tracking tool that allows you to Read More

This App Makes Sending Emails Easier!

If you find yourself sending the same email over and over — and over again — the truth is that you’ll end up losing hours of time that you could have spent doing actual legal work. Fortunately, there’s a great app that can help you save hours by sending emails in just a few seconds! TextExpander is a low-cost app that allows you to write out long emails by just tapping a couple of keys on your keyboard. How does Read More

Ready to Publish a Book? Lulu Makes It Easy!

Publishing a book is one of the biggest authority boosters you can have as a solo/small firm attorney. Just the sight of a book in your lobby with your name on the cover tells people you’re an expert in your field. Unfortunately, many people are concerned over the logistical hurdles of getting a book published.  With Lulu, you don’t need an agent to get you a book deal. You also don’t need to order a huge Read More

Stop Chasing Down ARs: Have Your Website Collect Payments for You

While the majority of lawyer websites don’t need intricate client portals with secure logins, there are some benefits to having one: It can help your administrative side run more efficiently. One way is to collect payments from your clients. This can be a laborious and complex process, of course. You have to set up an internal payment collection system with a merchant that can process the fee and communicate with Read More