This App Makes Sending Emails Easier!

If you find yourself sending the same email over and over — and over again — the truth is that you’ll end up losing hours of time that you could have spent doing actual legal work. Fortunately, there’s a great app that can help you save hours by sending emails in just a few seconds! TextExpander is a low-cost app that allows you to write out long emails by just tapping a couple of keys on your keyboard. How does Read More

Ready to Publish a Book? Lulu Makes It Easy!

Publishing a book is one of the biggest authority boosters you can have as a solo/small firm attorney. Just the sight of a book in your lobby with your name on the cover tells people you’re an expert in your field. Unfortunately, many people are concerned over the logistical hurdles of getting a book published.  With Lulu, you don’t need an agent to get you a book deal. You also don’t need to order a huge Read More

Stop Chasing Down ARs: Have Your Website Collect Payments for You

While the majority of lawyer websites don’t need intricate client portals with secure logins, there are some benefits to having one: It can help your administrative side run more efficiently. One way is to collect payments from your clients. This can be a laborious and complex process, of course. You have to set up an internal payment collection system with a merchant that can process the fee and communicate with Read More

Increase Your Website’s Conversion!

Websites that use a live chat feature have been shown to convert at a higher rate. Many services out there provide chat support for law firms, and we recommend Smith. provides live chat agents as well as receptionist service. In addition to answering website chats, Smith’s agents can also answer texts and social media messages to unify your sales communications.  Even more, Smith’s agents Read More

Starting a Podcast Is Easy with Buzzsprout!

Starting a podcast for your law firm can be a great authority-building tool that you can quickly implement into your marketing. While there are several other podcast hosts out there, Buzzsprout comes with a lot of easy-to-understand features that also puts your podcast in front of as many people as possible. In fact, Buzzsprout can distribute your show to over 15 different media platforms, including Apple Podcast, Read More

Add Audio to Your Blogs

Whether you’re looking for some ADA enhancements to your firm’s website or you want to add a little “bell and whistle” to your blog, is a great tool. This app provides realistic voice to your blogs by converting the text to audio and giving you a media player to put in your posts. We recently added this feature to our blogs, so you can head over to our website to check them out! Admittedly, some of the Read More

Organization Has Never Been This Easy

If your way of organizing your tasks is a pile of sticky notes all over your desk or a barely legible notepad full of loosely connected thoughts, it’s time for an upgrade! But even if your organizational skills are a little more advanced than that, could very well make your life even easier. This software is used by some of the country’s biggest companies from Uber to Costco to Hulu and more. It allows Read More

Easily Multiply Your Content!

Want to add even more content to your website and marketing? Descript is a tool that allows you to convert audio to text in just a few minutes! This allows you to take your videos or podcast episodes and turn them into blogs. After all, people consume content differently. Some prefer to listen or watch, and some prefer to read. Descript can also considerably cut the time it takes for you to write a blog. Imagine Read More

An Easy Way to Post to All of Your Social Media Platforms!

By now you should know that posting valuable, evergreen content is important, right? You also need to be posting it to multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The problem is that it can take up precious time having to log into each profile and post to each one individually. Hootsuite helps with that. Although there are paid versions, the free version of the app allows you to post to three Read More

A Free (And Great!) Spreadsheet App

Why pay over $100 for a license to use Microsoft Excel when there’s a free spreadsheet app out there that has just as much functionality, if not more, and is easier to use? That’s Google Sheets. Google has taken everything you’ve come to rely on with Excel (and Numbers if you’re a Mac user) and put it into an easy-to-use application. (Also, if this reads familiar to you -- yes, it’s just like Google Docs from a Read More