Facebook Portal: Have Your Remote Employees Feel Like They’re With You in the Office!

If you employ virtual assistants or you have some positions in your firm that are fully remote, it can be difficult to make everyone feel as though they’re right there in the office with you. We have a solution for that! 

A couple of years ago, Facebook came out with the Portal, a portable video device that allows you to connect with people via Facebook Messenger and provides a constant video stream to communicate. 

Because we have both virtual assistants and remote employees on our staff, we’ve outfitted them with a Portal device and have them call the office each day. Now, rather than trying to set up video chats, they exist right in our office in real time, allowing us to interact with them as if they were right there in the office with us! 

Prices for the device range from $80–$350 depending on the size and features you need, but they’re worth every penny!

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