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The Content Loop™

Our Proven Process

Producing content on a monthly, recurring basis creates consistent and ongoing touch points with your network, keeping you top of mind and building your brand, so that no lead, referral, or opportunity is missed. They stay “in the loop.”

Blog Writing

Blogging For People, Not Robots

First and foremost, we write blog content based on what is going to be most helpful to your clients, not based on the keywords or topics we think Google robots want.

Many companies will try to convince you to do multiple blogs every month or every week.  But here’s the truth…writing a few blogs every month isn’t going to make a huge impact on SEO. But, the more blogs you have them write, the more money they make!

Blogging is about more than search results. It’s about creating content that demonstrates your expertise and shows website visitors that you can help with them in their area of need.

Blogging is also about having fresh content on your website, which gives past visitors a reason to come back, while confirming for new visitors that your firm is active and relevant.

With that in mind, at Spotlight Branding, we suggest that one blog per month is enough. When the goal of content is to connect with people, stay relevant, and further your credibility, extra blogs are unnecessary. This means more money in your pocket, and less time editing content!

Each month, we will create a blog for your website that connects with your audience. We even create the topics for you, which focus on addressing the common situations or questions your clients have. If you have any topic suggestions, we welcome those too!

Lastly, we know what you might be thinking (because we’re asked all the time)….”how can you write for my law firm?” In short, we have a fantastic editorial team who researches every topic and creates accurate, quality content.

We’ve been writing for law firms for almost a decade and have published thousands of blog articles. And, while we don’t require a monthly interview to create content like many other companies, our team will work closely with you to customize the content to your liking.

Key Features:

  • Monthly Blog Creation
  • We Create Topics
  • Reviewed & Approved by You

Need help blogging? We would love to hear from you! Contact us today.