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The Content Loop™

Our Proven Process

Producing content on a monthly, recurring basis creates consistent and ongoing touch points with your network, keeping you top of mind and building your brand, so that no lead, referral, or opportunity is missed. They stay “in the loop.”


Recurring Touchpoints

We create content on a recurring basis as ongoing touchpoints with your network. This keeps you top of mind and builds your credibility so that no lead, referral, or opportunity is missed. You keep your audience "In the Loop."


Email List, Leads, Referrals, Clients, Colleagues, Relationships, Family, Friends, Vendors


Relevant Content

For the touchpoints to work, the content needs to be appropriate. We create content that educates your audience, provides value, answers questions, and is relevant to your world and theirs, finding the right balance...often repeating themes to build your authority as an industry leader!


Content Multiplication

Content volume is key, and we increase your total content by repurposing content to make even more. A few core pieces can be used in multiple places. For example, blogs are not only website content but are used in newsletters and as social media posts. Same for video, podcasts, etc!


Evergreen Consistency

Most marketing only works in the short term, but content is an evergreen solution. It will always work! So, we keep your content running consistently, repeating the process and reiterating your brand and services. Consistency in the long run creates a strong foundation, and makes all marketing work better!


More Referrals
Better Clients
Higher ROI


Proven Results from Nearly a Decade in the Industry

A lot of companies promise results, but they don’t tell you exactly what you can expect outside of “more website visits” or “more leads.” At Spotlight Branding, our services are designed to help you in the following ways:

Word-of-mouth referrals are the best kinds of clients and the backbone of any strong business. Our services are aimed at keeping you connected with your entire network (leads, clients, colleagues, etc) so that no referral or opportunity is ever missed.
Better clients may mean higher value cases or the ability to raise your rates. It may simply mean more of the kinds of cases or clients you prefer. Either way, your marketing and content go a long way towards attracting the clients you want to work with.
All of your marketing works better with the right content strategy at the foundation because it closes the holes in your marketing, producing more value out of your time networking, or money spent on advertising, and less wasted resources overall.

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s feedback from our clients on the success they’ve had working with us:

“For the last couple of years we’ve been working with Spotlight Branding to help us with our marketing and I would first say that it’s been great. They’ve freed up my time to do what I’m supposed to do as a lawyer. They are a little bit of a different model. They’re not focused on trying to conduct SEO and get better Google ratings or rankings in hopes that somebody will call. Instead they use something called touch points and they put the lawyer in contact with their clients and their past clients through blogs and social media and newsletters and it’s been a good approach. If you’re in the market, we highly recommend.”

Sean FoldenauerFoldenauer Law Group, APCSan Diego, CA

“We just started our journey with Spotlight branding here just a few months ago and I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed and so has my team. It’s required us to really rethink how we do marketing here in our small law office, but I like the approach. It’s very people-centered and the ride has been pretty amazing so far. We’re looking forward to the rest of the journey”

NG LawNeedham Glenn LawLong Beach, WA

“Spotlight Branding has gotten things done that we couldn’t have gotten done on our own, like this video I’m doing right now because we’re very busy doing what we do as a law firm and serving our clients. So Spotlight Branding said, okay, yes, we need a website, it needs to be a good website and needs to have content, so they’re helping us. Spotlight’s helping us generate content for that website, it’s helping us to link other things we do to that website, it’s helping us to really have a presence online, which on our own we could really never have done. That’s just not our thing.

We know law, but we don’t know website generation or design or things like that, so it’s really something that is just indispensable, having a company that can do that for us, instead of us trying to be do-it-yourselfers.”

HighPoint LawHighPoint Law Offices, PCChalfont, PA

“I’ve been with Spotlight branding for a couple of years now and I think it’s been a wonderful tool to keep my clients advised of what’s going on with my firm and to make them remember me as their friend and family member and good lawyer. So to use Spotlight Branding as a marketing and public relations tool has been very helpful.

We have augmented them with a podcast that we do on a weekly basis and we can share information with our clients about new developments in the law and generally our opinion. Spotlight Branding has been an excellent service and I’m very happy with them.

William RobinsonLaw Office of William C. RobinsonMiami Lakes, FL

“I’ve been with Spotlight branding for over four years now. It has been a great experience which is why I’m still here, right? I really love working with my account manager and the entire Spotlight branding team. Everyone is always so pleasant and timely when it comes to my firm’s deliverables. I’ve had such a great experience and I highly recommend Spotlight.”

Tycha KimbroughKimbrough Legal, PLLCAustin, TX

“What I have appreciated from Spotlight Branding from the very beginning is their no pressure and transparent approach to selling their services. I took a long time to decide but I was never bombarded with sales calls or high-pressure emails. I signed up at my own pace.  From the very start, they were clear about the price of their services and there were no additional hidden costs attached to my account once I signed up.

Now that I have been with them for several years, I can appreciate their approach to marketing even better. Before finding Spotlight Branding, I had worked with several other agencies and after spending a lot of money, I either saw no results or if there were any, I only saw minimal results for the first few months.  With Spotlight Branding, the results have been consistently increasing.

As a small business owner, I have many hats to wear and I am pulled in many directions every day.  Spotlight Branding makes my life easier because of their step-by-step guidance. Best of all, each team member is an expert in their field.  They have my trust.”

Katrina ZafiroZafiro LawSeattle, WA

“As the founder of IP WORKS LAW, it was challenging to oversee the building and maintenance of my firm’s digital presence. Mostly, for years I just avoided it. Thanks to SPOTLIGHT BRANDING, I have my website, emailer, and social media marketing all run by one team who have a diversified knowledge of my industry as well as their own. SPOTLIGHT has given me the freedom to grow my practice with relevant content and virtual continuity.”

IP Works LawIP WorksDoylestown, PA

“Spotlight Branding has always illuminated our marketing. There is a very personal touch with this company. Our success is their success. Thank you Sofia and the Spotlight team for being absolutely proactive, professional, and valuable!”

Michelson, Kane, Royster & Barger, P.C.Michelson, Kane, Royster & Barger, P.C.Hartford, CT

“We took several years before implementing marketing strategies, preferring to rely on referrals. We did a lot of homework before selecting Spotlight Branding. The team has been responsive and facilitatory. From onboarding to execution, they shine in their specialized knowledge and experience serving boutique firms such as ours.”

Marc RamsayRamsay & PartnersKingston, Jamaica

“Spotlight Branding and all of their employees are simply Amazing! They take the time to learn about their clients, the areas, and the clients’ client’s needs and they create marketing and branding programs that truly fit. I highly recommend them and will always use them!”

Tania BartoliniSalas Law FirmFort Lauderdale, FL

“I have been using Spotlight’s services for a little over a year and I am very pleased with the level of service they provide. They are great at following up with me, especially when I ask them to send me reminders! I receive many compliments on my website. I would highly recommend Spotlight Branding!”

Orlando VelazquezVelazquez Consumer LawAurora, IL

“From the very beginning, every single team member have been absolutely professional and responsive. They have the confidence that they can produce the results we are looking for and they work tirelessly to achieve that end! They really feel that our success is their success. I am so grateful to have found them and learn about their approach to marketing law firms! I also recommend you check out their Podcast – The Law Firm Marketing Minute. You get small insights on the proper marketing approach!”

JJ DalloDallo LawBloomfield Hills, MI

“They have been professional and a gem to work with!

When I was looking for a website designer, I was told by a possible designer that I would never be able to find a website designer who could give me what I wanted for less than $6,000 plus monthly maintenance. I took that as a challenge. Spotlight Branding rose to the occasion and everyone who has talked with me about my website has LOVED it. I love it and believe it should be on one of the lists of the top websites!. Anna has given me everything that I wanted on my site plus more. I re-enlisted Spotlight Branding to do my monthly newsletter, so I am excited about getting that up and going again.

I am proud to be an ‘Unforgettable Lawyer’ and love wearing the shirt showing off the Spotlight Branding name. I have and will continue to recommend Spotlight Branding.”

Tanika FinneyLaw Office of Tanika L. FinneyMontgomery, AL

“Spotlight Branding and its employees have been fantastic over the years that I have used their services! Great people who are very knowledgeable about what they do and how to help any business that wants to advance their company.”

Patrick GossGoss LawMiami, FL

“Spotlight Branding is spot on with their work and absolutely awesome to work with! They created a new website for us that is very professional and coupled with their social media posts, blogs, and newsletter have increased traffic to the site and have created many new clients for our office. I can’t recommend them enough!”

John KoenigElder Advisors LawJanesville, WI

“Since we started working with Spotlight Branding we have been extremely busy. Obviously, the marketing they are doing for us is working because we are booking 3 months out at both of our locations!”

Kevin TharpeJ. Kevin Tharpe, PCGainesville, GA

“We have received a couple compliments/comments on our newsletter. It also has spurred a couple opportunities for coffee/lunches for existing relationships.”

Stan DoidaDoida Law Group, LLCGreenwood Village, CO

“Overall we have seen great results with the help of experienced professionals and organizations such as Spotlight. We did a lot of research before we handed over our website and branding to Spotlight and are very happy with the decision. We have a great professional website and consistent content for our social forums. Spotlight tailored our website to our particular needs and we loved the professional Q&A videos they embedded on our website. Now we promote our clients to check out our firm website and all the great resources we have to offer on it.

Thank you Spotlight for helping us create a new brand and for always being so attentive to your client’s needs. We appreciate the client-focused attention, the timely posts, the routine meetings to ensure our ship is sailing smoothly. Thank you for your great customer service and bringing your professional input to our firm.”

Anthoor Law GroupAnthoor Law GroupFremont, CA

“Spotlight Branding has been an essential part of ‘stepping up’ our online presence. In the past year, we were able to create a website that all our clients love (and conveys the heart of our brand very well), hired more staff, and doubled our office space. We’ve had an undeniable increase in website inquiries. Not only that, but the quality of the leads we’ve seen has improved significantly.”

David & Paula FeakesThe Parents Estate Planning Law Firm, PCActon, MA

“After nearly 18 years at large law firms, I left to pursue the dream of opening my own firm. In the months that ensued, Anna Casey and the Spotlight Branding team worked closely with me to create an online presence that exceeded my expectations. From designing a premium website, to managing my social media presence in a way that reflects my voice, to sending out my very first newsletter for my own firm, Spotlight Branding has been there with me every step of the way to ensure my brand and my vision.

My dream of successfully opening my own firm is now very much a reality. Spotlight Branding is at the top of the list for reasons why I was able to make it happen.”

Jeremy BakerBaker LawChicago, IL

“My website has been the perfect place for brand new people to find me. People that, to my knowledge, I have never had contact with found my website and became clients. It’s amazing that they come from such varied places all over the country!”

Paula BlackPaula Black Legal Business DevelopmentCoral Gables, FL

“I’ve been with Spotlight Branding for 3 months and I’m very happy with their services!  For one example of the benefits they have already provided in that short time, an attorney that I had not spoken to in years contacted me and referred a new case because she saw my newsletter and social media, both generated by Spotlight Branding.”

Jason IsaacsonSunshine Isaacson & Hecht, LLPJericho, NY

I’ve been working with Spotlight Branding for almost a year now and they are fantastic! I am beyond thrilled with the platform they have created for my firm’s marketing strategy. Their design work and marketing strategies are top-notch. I love my firm’s new website and have gotten several compliments on it already. I’ve also learned so much about how and why it’s important to keep your firm top of mind with clients and friends. Having a dedicated brand manager has also been a great experience and made the process seamless. She is knowledgeable, diligent, and proactive. Being a busy solo, the idea of working on marketing was daunting and overwhelming, but my brand manager kept things on track and moving forward. I would HIGHLY recommend Spotlight Branding to anyone!

Jeannette VaccaroThe Law Office of Jeannette A. VaccaroSan Francisco, CA

“Spotlight Branding has been awesome to work with. I really feel like Josh Kight is part of my law firm. He is responsive to our requests, helps communicate our vision to the designers and programmers, and is a strategic part of our marketing team.

During COVID-19, we have constantly been sending him updates and ideas, and he is always so helpful! I feel like we are his only client (but I know I’m not). I know he has a Spotlight Branding team supporting him – and I am thankful for all the work they are doing to help us serve other people. Thank you Josh & the SB Team!”

Jennifer HargraveHargrave Family LawDallas, TX

“When Spotlight Branding sent out my first e-newsletter I got a bunch of good feedback. I was also able to set up two meetings with contacts I had been trying to reach for a while. The e-newsletter prompted them to reach out to me.”

Brendan HoltHolt Law, LLCWoodbridge, CT

“Our law firm hired Spotlight Branding to help us develop and automate our branding and social media efforts after talking to a number of marketing and branding companies. What separates the Spotlight professionals from the rest of the pack is the holistic system they developed specific to attorneys to help develop a path to help implement the voices of their clients, something that was important to us. We are excited to be working with Spotlight team.”

Pat LindenLinden Law PartnersDenver, CO

“Spotlight Branding has provided our firm with a bold web page that has garnered compliments from friends and clients. The folks responsible for managing our site have always been easy to get in touch with and responsive to our requests and needs.”

Cooper KnowltonBergstein Flynn and Knowlton PLLCJersey City, NJ

“We have been very pleased with our relationship with Spotlight Branding. While new to the Spotlight Branding family, they are exceeding our expectations and are very committed to the success of our firm marketing. They stay in constant communication with us with weekly updates and scheduled calls with our assigned team member, Talia. We have nothing but good things to say about Spotlight and look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Jessica PriceLehnhardt Price Family LawMonroe, NC

“A firm’s website is the lobby of the modern law firm. Spotlight Branding created a spectacular first impression for our firm that clients, friends and even opposing counsel regularly compliment. The resource guide, videos and regular content produced by Spotlight draw people to our site on a constant basis – producing new clients and goodwill within the industries we serve. I have referred many colleagues to Spotlight as there is no better partner to any law firm looking to stand tall and establish a recognizable brand in the crowded field for professional and legal services.”

Aaron BradfordBRADFORD, LTDDenver, CO

“We did a website redesign with Spotlight in 2018 and are very satisfied with the new site and the thought that went into it. Jessica Milicevic has been very responsive, creative and considerate of how to express our uniqueness through the site. We started content services with Spotlight and we like the results so far even though it’s still early.”

Gary WinterLawvexClovis, CA