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Being unforgettable means you’re a leading expert in your practice area. It means having a memorable and authoritative brand, and that people prefer you over the competition. Being unforgettable means people don’t forget you or what you do, and that no referral or opportunity is missed. For too long marketers have neglected these principles while charging high rates and producing minimal results. We have a better way...here’s how:

Focus on People, Not Search Engines

Search engines are a crowded space, where many fail and few succeed. Despite what you’ve been told, SEO does not need to be the focus of your marketing.

Build a Premium Brand

Building a brand simply means being seen as the best at what you do. It’s your reputation! A strong brand means better conversion and better clients.

Stay Top-of-Mind

The average firm is only receiving 33% of the referrals they could be. Staying connected with your network is key to maximizing referrals.



Social Media

Stay Connected Through Social Media

social media for lawyers

With almost 3 billion users, social media is a critical component of an up-to-date marketing plan.

To get started, first understand that social media for law firms is not about creating leads! People typically aren’t going to Facebook to find a lawyer.

Instead, social media is about staying connected with people and increasing your firm’s exposure. It’s not about getting clients from social media, it’s about staying in touch with people, furthering your reputation, and getting more clients from referrals.

This starts with creating a consistent presence on the main social media platforms. Our team will help your firm set up any necessary accounts, and from there create content that goes out daily. And, just like with our websites, we write the content!

The goal of the content is to create the right balance between promoting your law firm and providing helpful resources, keeping your audience engaged. Our unique “Content Balance” strategy makes sure that your social media profiles have the right mix of content, from promoting your website and your services, to providing your audience with resources such as blogs, quotes, and more.

As with any of our services, always remember you will have final approval on content, which is typically created a month in advance. This allows you to review and tweak the content with ease and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Account Set Up
  • Daily Management & Oversight
  • We Create the Content! (you can provide additional posts, complimentary)
  • Audience Growth

To discuss your social media strategy further, schedule a consultation with our team today!