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The Content Loop™

Our Proven Process

Producing content on a monthly, recurring basis creates consistent and ongoing touch points with your network, keeping you top of mind and building your brand, so that no lead, referral, or opportunity is missed. They stay “in the loop.”


Recurring Touchpoints

We create content on a recurring basis as ongoing touchpoints with your network. This keeps you top of mind and builds your credibility so that no lead, referral, or opportunity is missed. You keep your audience "In the Loop."


Email List, Leads, Referrals, Clients, Colleagues, Relationships, Family, Friends, Vendors


Relevant Content

For the touchpoints to work, the content needs to be appropriate. We create content that educates your audience, provides value, answers questions, and is relevant to your world and theirs, finding the right balance...often repeating themes to build your authority as an industry leader!


Content Multiplication

Content volume is key, and we increase your total content by repurposing content to make even more. A few core pieces can be used in multiple places. For example, blogs are not only website content but are used in newsletters and as social media posts. Same for video, podcasts, etc!


Evergreen Consistency

Most marketing only works in the short term, but content is an evergreen solution. It will always work! So, we keep your content running consistently, repeating the process and reiterating your brand and services. Consistency in the long run creates a strong foundation, and makes all marketing work better!


More Referrals
Better Clients
Higher ROI

Our Team

Meet Your Marketing Team

We’re committed to putting your firm in the Spotlight. In order to make you unforgettable and stand out from your competitors, we pride ourselves on responsive, proactive client service. Meet our rockstar team below, and click here to learn more about our story!

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Marc Cerniglia

Owner of Spotlight Branding

Marc is a founding partner at Spotlight Branding. He is passionate about helping professionals understand the truths and myths about internet marketing, and educating them on how to get the most out of their marketing efforts. He is a proud graduate of UCF and earned his Master’s Degree in Business & Marketing.
Megan Beaver

VP / Director of Client Services

Megan leads our Operations team. Her responsibility is to ensure clients receive outstanding services and content from the Operations team, creating an ongoing relationship and success for clients. A North Carolina local and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Megan resides in Belmont with her husband and two daughters. In her free time, she enjoys running, tackling home projects, and reading the newest title on her book bucket list.
John Hinson

Editorial Director

John is our office wizard and oversees all of the media we produce on Spotlight Insider. A graduate of East Carolina University, John spends his free time writing (he’s published 20 books!), playing drums, and hiking to waterfalls.
Brittany Dierdorff

Administrative Director

Brittany graduated from Towson University with a degree in Public Relations and Communications. She is originally from Central New Jersey but lived in Baltimore, MD, for the past seven years. She just moved to Waxhaw, NC, with her husband and is excited to start establishing roots here. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and exploring the city for the best food and drink spots!
Jana Eatman

Business Development Manager

Jana is most likely the first person you’ll talk to if you’re interested in working with Spotlight Branding. She guides business owners through what we do and how we do it to determine if our services are a good fit for their firm. She graduated from UNC Charlotte, where she pole vaulted and threw javelin for the Charlotte Track and Field team. When she’s not at work, she coaches a local club volleyball team and plays in occasional tournaments herself. Jana also enjoys mountain biking, visiting local breweries, and cooking up a mean steak (medium rare, of course).
Anna Casey

Lead Account Manager

Anna specializes in creating a powerful online brand identity for our clients. She is passionate about helping clients create a brand that is genuine and personal to them and their firm. Anna graduated from Abilene Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and a Business minor. She is a proud military wife and is stationed in Fort Campbell. Her favorite place in the world is Stellenbosch, South Africa, where she met her husband, Nate. When she is not working, she is likely snuggling or traveling with her 2 Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, Rooi and Goose.
Sofia Prestia

Account Manager

Sofia is a dedicated individual who is motivated by client satisfaction and ensuring that her clients' visions are met in harmony with the most effective marketing strategy. Originally a New York City-native, Sofia graduated from Baruch College with a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Communication and Psychology. She is passionate about traveling, experiencing other cultures and learning new languages! She speaks English and Spanish, is proficient in Italian, and is learning Portuguese, Japanese, and French.
Macey Holden

Account Manager

Macey is focused on developing and maintaining impactful brand awareness for our clients. She was born and raised in Western North Carolina, where she later graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. Macey recently moved to the Charlotte area and is eager to explore all that the city has to offer. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with friends, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with her dog, Bella.
Eddie Dzialo


Eddie is a writer for Spotlight Branding. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 2006, he joined the United States Marine Corps. For the next four years, Eddie served as an infantry officer in the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion and completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon leaving, Eddie earned a Master of Fine Arts in writing and published his first short story. When he’s not writing, he sits on Lake Norman while sipping espresso and listening to Dave Matthews.
Dylan Stebbins


Dylan is a creative writer who leads with the reader in mind. He's been writing professionally since he was 16; fine-tuning a voice that connects with readers and clients through facts and consideration. When Dylan is not writing he's often reading, hiking, or watching and playing sports. As a graduate of St. Bonaventure University and Western New York native, conversations with him often end with "Go Bills!"
Mike Pelletier

Social Media Manager

Mike has a passion for social media and everything it has to offer. Growing up, he was always interested in creating and showcasing his work. It started with a curiosity in photography, which enabled him to take photos for sporting events, engagement events, and model portfolios. All of these skills came together when he discovered his passion for social media, which led him to work on different social media projects including branding, content creation, and organic growth. When he is not working, he loves spending time with his family and raising his twins to be Rams, Canes, and Yankees fans.
Lily Rodriguez

Editorial Assistant

Lily has passion for design and marketing. She graduated from the Universidad de México with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and Marketing. When she's not creating awesome graphics and materials for us, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and watching the San Francisco 49ers.
Fanny Cohen

Operations Assistant

Fanny is our operations assistant. She’s in charge of creating graphics, publishing content and ensuring quality of the output. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communications in France, her country of origin, Fanny has worked in Marketing in Paris, New York City and Barcelona. She proudly speaks 3 languages (French, English and Spanish) and is passionate about understanding other cultures. She now lives on the Pacific coast of México with her husband where she enjoys reading, taking pictures, traveling (especially in a van), doing yoga, hiking, and snuggling with her dog Nola.