Are You Wasting Money on the Wrong Marketing?

*This post originally appeared in the December 2019 edition of our print newsletter. We’re not going to lie; marketing is expensive. Buying pay-per-click advertising, hiring a copywriter to create compelling content, sending out print mailers — all these things cost money. That said, in our experience, the cost of marketing isn’t what frustrates most lawyers. What they hate is worrying they’re spending thousands Read More

How YOU Can Get on a Reporter’s Go-To List

*This article was provided by Janet Falk, an expert in media relations for law firms. Learn more here. When companies, businesses and individuals seek legal advice, they contact an attorney they know or have read about.  Reporters do the same. When you read a news story, perhaps with a quote from another Real Estate attorney, don't get mad that a reporter who probably never heard of you did not Read More

Your Keys to Law Firm Growth in 2020

We won’t go so far as to say growing your law firm is simple, but with the right tools, processes, and strategies in place, it should be easy. With that in mind, our team put together a checklist of three easy steps you can take to help grow your firm in 2020. If you haven’t made every single one of these changes, you’re holding your firm back from reaching the level of growth you deserve! 1. HIRE A Read More

The Secret to Doubling Your Referrals Without Spending a Penny on Advertising

*This post originally appeared in the December 2019 edition of our print newsletter. A crisis going on right now in the U.S. is impacting every single law firm in the country, including yours. And it’s not a financial crisis or a crisis of conscience, but something a lot more frustrating: a referral crisis.  According to a study conducted by Texas Tech University, law firms are only getting about one-third of Read More

Don’t Dismiss the Email Newsletter (It’s More Powerful Than You Think!)

*This article originally appeared in the November 2019 edition of our print newsletter. When we pitch email newsletters to our clients, we’re often met with the verbal equivalent of an eye roll. You know the arguments: “Nobody wants another email in their inbox,” “No one is going to read my email newsletter,” and “I hate getting email newsletters — when I do, I put them in the trash or mark them as spam, and my Read More

Is Your Marketing Getting Stale? 3 Strategies to Refresh Your Campaign in 2020

*This post originally appeared in the December 2019 edition of our print newsletter. In just a few days, the decade will be over. If a survey of your marketing campaign reveals your strategies are “so 2010s,” why not try out some fresh tactics in the new year? Here at Spotlight Branding, we like to work a step ahead, and our clients have had success with these three cutting-edge techniques. They’ll be all the rage Read More

Are You Falling for Deceptive Marketing?

*This article originally appeared in the November 2019 edition of our print newsletter. It’s time to talk about that darling of marketing pitches and boardroom presentations: the proposal. You know the one. It’s five pages long, filled with graphs, pictures, drawn-out examples, and topped off by a flashy executive summary. All too often, we watch incompetent marketing companies use pretty proposals to get law Read More

“I’m Just a Solo”: Is Your Mindset Undermining Your Company’s Future?

*This article appeared in the November 2019 edition of our print newsletter This summer, my team and I spent the weekend at a conference for solo and small law firms, shaking hands and dispensing marketing advice. The trip was a success, but one glaring problem stood out to me. Over and over, I met lawyers from solo and small law firms who were afraid of growth. I don’t think they were even conscious of the fear. Read More

4 Marketing Disasters to Avoid with Your Website

Spotlight Branding has been in business for nearly a decade, so we’ve seen a lot of attorney websites. Of course there are a lot of great ones out there. However, there are A LOT of bad attorney websites out there; and if you are the owner of one, it is costing you not only thousands of dollars in lost business, but it’s doing damage to your reputation as an attorney. Your website is like a digital version of your Read More

Fully Understand Your Marketing by Tracking the Data That Matters!

This is going to sound like a clickbait article, but bear with us. Here’s the secret marketing companies don’t want you to know about! Marketing companies like to throw a lot of data at you and then gloat at how their work has resulted in an increase in various metrics. Unfortunately for you - a lot of that data is useless. Those numbers are mostly for vanity and don’t really give you any insight into how well Read More