Don’t Stop Feeding the Beast: Why You Need to Create More Content, Fast

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, you know just how important content is to growing your business. This isn’t some big discovery I made: Every good lawyer knows that content has value, whether it’s in the form of social media posts, podcasts, blogs, emails, or videos. Consistent, relevant content is how you keep your brand and services top of mind and build up your expertise. But are you putting out Read More

Likes, Comments, and Shares Don’t Matter! 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try to Be a Social Media Influencer

When it comes to social media, 99% of users — businesses or otherwise — try to play an engagement game. They think likes, comments, and shares are currency and that they can only win by chasing them. While this might be true for celebrities, food bloggers, and Nike, in our experience, lawyers won’t convert social media leads by aiming for engagements. The best thing for a lawyer to do is to abandon the social media Read More

Business Owners: What to Do About Coronavirus

Hey business owner, I know that things are pretty stressful right now. Heck, things are stressful even when there isn’t a pandemic going on. I know what it’s like to be worried about cash flow, payroll, my team members, and all of the other decisions that come with being a business owner, so I can relate to everything you’re feeling right now. I wanted to share a couple of thoughts with you because, above all else, Read More

The Best Time to Focus on Your Marketing Is RIGHT NOW

With many businesses shutting their doors and people confined to their homes, it can be easy for lawyers to hit the panic button and look for all the reasons to stop various business operations. And while you may close your physical office, your digital office should always remain open. The silver lining in these times of uncertainty is the fact that we have the ability to continue doing business online. You can Read More

5 Strategies to Beat Burnout and Fall Back in Love with Law

Every lawyer faces burnout at some point in their career. If that’s you right now — if you’re not getting enough sleep, feeling depressed, dreaming about case notes, and forgetting your family’s faces — this year, try spending some time falling back in love with law.  That’s more difficult than it sounds, but it’s not impossible. There are a host of things you can do to make your life easier as a solo practitioner Read More

Write for People, Not Robots!

Do you have a blog on your website? If not, you should finish this article and start writing one. If you do, close your eyes and ask yourself, “What’s the goal of my blog?” If your answer is, “To improve my website’s Google rankings,” you’re blogging for all the wrong reasons.  At this point, you likely know Spotlight Branding’s position on SEO: After years in marketing, we’ve realized it’s overrated, ineffective, Read More

2 Questions to Ask in Your Consultations

Let’s talk consultations. In other words, what is your sales process? In this article, we’re going to cover some big mistakes that we all make, not just lawyers, but even we at Spotlight Branding make when we're talking about our services. We recently got some advice from an attorney regarding our own sales process. It was a really great conversation and we turned them into some notes and we looked at it and when Read More

Your Marketing Shouldn’t Be Complicated (But It Probably Is)

Have you ever sat through a presentation from a marketing company where they pitched SEO and pay-per-click services? Did you really understand any of it? What likely happened is that the salesperson showed you all kinds of numbers and charts with different colors and lines going in several directions. You probably heard about “ad spend” and “algorithms” and “keyword density.” Did any of it make sense? Unless Read More

Does Practicing “Door Law” Make You Look Diverse or Desperate?

5 Ways Quitting ‘Door Law’ Will Boost Your Revenue Are you familiar with the concept of “door law”? If not, it’s the oldest trap in the lawyer book and a myth that’s run many freshly minted attorneys into the ground before they even got started. Practicing “door law” means leaving your door open to any client who wants to walk through it. Door law lawyers practice family law one day, personal injury the next, and Read More

Relationship Building Made Easy: Are You Cashing in on the Power of FAQ Videos?

Considering the amount of time people spend staring at their smartphone screens, crouching over their laptops, and flicking through programs on their smart TVs, it shouldn’t surprise you that videos are a vital marketing tool. According to WordStream, people spend about one-third of their time online watching videos, and Forbes reports that over half a billion people watch videos on Facebook every single day. We’ve Read More