How do I know if my law firm marketing is working?

When it comes to assessing if your law firm marketing is working or not really actually it starts internally believe it or not. Sure, there are metrics that a marketing company can track, okay, but at the end of the day you know better than anyone else if your referrals have increased, are you booking more appointments, what’s your rate of closing? Out of X amount of prospects come in, how many of them become clients and what do they tell you? For example, I’ve had multiple clients tell us that people comment on their Web site or their Internet presence when they come in and just say yeah, you know, what, it was really clear to me that you were the right person for X, Y and Z or that you’re an expert. When do we start?

So internally you really need to track those types of things. Know where your leads are coming from, if you’re getting more referrals from somewhere is that person receiving your email newsletter or have they connected with your firm on social media? Okay, know these things and then partner up with your Internet marketing company for what they can track as well. But I would honestly say that the best way to know if your Internet marketing is working or not are the things that you can actually track yourself and I’m not trying to take emphasis off of what an Internet marketing company can track, we are an Internet marketing company, we do track a lot but we always compare notes with what the client can also track to really figure out what’s working.