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Learn the truth about why SEO is a waste of time and money.

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The Content Loop™

Our Proven Process

Producing content on a monthly, recurring basis creates consistent and ongoing touch points with your network, keeping you top of mind and building your brand, so that no lead, referral, or opportunity is missed. They stay “in the loop.”

What We Believe

The 10 Commandments of Spotlight Branding

At Spotlight Branding, marketing isn’t just a service we provide. Instead, we strive to be your strategic partner and elevate your law firm to new heights. That’s why we created these 10 statements that compose our DNA and act as our guiding compass for each decision we make.

Even more, these statements act as our filter to make sure a potential new client is the right fit. Unlike other marketing companies, we don’t just work with anyone who is willing to pay us. You’re either going to agree with us (in which case, you’re a great fit for us!); or, these statements will challenge you to see a new way of marketing your law firm.

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We believe that effective internet marketing involves taking age-old, tried-and-true marketing principles that have worked for centuries and applying them to the internet.
We believe that every lawyer needs an unforgettable brand in order to stand out and establish value in a crowded legal marketplace.
We believe that effective legal marketing creates better quality clients by educating, empowering, and setting the right expectations.
We believe in the ACE formula for attorney marketing – Authority, Credibility, Expertise.
We believe that effective marketing starts with strategy, and that the tools are secondary – they exist to serve and execute the strategy.
We believe that referrals and repeat clients are the best source of new business – and therefore, failure to stay top-of-mind is the single biggest missed opportunity for most law firms.
We believe that defining and focusing on a niche is the key to maximum profitability.
We believe that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is overrated, overpriced, and that it often does more harm than good.
We believe that simplicity, focus, and clarity are the key building blocks of an effective marketing strategy.
We believe that an effective brand makes ALL marketing and business development more profitable – and therefore, branding is a necessity, not an option.