2 Terrible Website Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Would you ever go into an important business meeting with your tie on backward or your fly unzipped? Of course you wouldn’t! Like any professional human, you check out those details in the mirror before meeting a client. You know that first impressions matter. So, riddle us this: Why aren’t you taking the same amount of care with your website? 

Your firm’s site is your digital first impression, and if it’s full of amateur mistakes, then clients will react with the same raised eyebrows they would give an open zipper. Here are two common mistakes that will lose you respect and conversions — and tips for fixing them. 


No one thinks their website is boring. But if your home page is showing off a gavel, the scales of justice, or your smiling face on the courthouse steps, you’ve created a yawn fest. 

People who visit your page aren’t stupid — they know you’re a lawyer! You don’t need to hit them over the head with the same cookie-cutter images everyone uses after law school. 

Instead, you should focus on images that create an emotional response. You can do this in a positive way by showing off the results they’re looking for (business success, a happy family, etc.) or a negative one by touching on their pain points (angry spouses, financial ruin, a scared child, etc.). This is a more effective and memorable tactic. 


While it’s okay to be a guest on our podcast, Center Stage, we mean something different here. Is the front page of your website a laundry list of your degrees, awards, and settlement numbers? If it is, you’re making a cardinal mistake: casting yourself as the hero of your brand story. Good marketing makes the client the hero. As “Building a Story Brand” author Donald Miller puts it, “Your customers aren’t interested in you. They’re interested in how you can help them.” So, show that off on your website! Put your resume on the “About” page and present the benefits clients will get from working with you (i.e., peace of mind, financial security, etc.) front and center. 

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