What Should Social Media Services Cost? – LFMM 277

Welcome to Part 2 of our Series: What Should Social Media Services Cost? Similar to websites, start by understanding what’s included in your social media service. Who’s creating your content? How often is it going out on your various platforms? Are they monitoring your accounts? Consider what the company is aiming for and the time you’re saving by hiring someone to oversee your social media presence. Find out what Read More

What Should a Website Cost for my Law Firm? – LFMM 276

Welcome to Part 1 of our Series: What Marketing Services Should Cost. There are a lot of different price points and companies out there. How do you know If you are getting more or less? We first explore what your law firm website should cost. It’s important to understand what you’re getting technically and strategically. That’s going to help you compare pricing from one competitor to the next. Find out what the range Read More

Organize Your Marketing by Audience – LFMM 275

We tend to organize our marketing by function or type; like print ads or networking. Have you thought about organizing your marketing by audience? You may not be seeing the full story when you are only focused on the type of marketing you are doing. Your firm could benefit from peering deeper into the type of audience you are looking to reach.  Read More

Improve Your Consultation Win Rate – LFMM 274

One of the best ways to improve your consultation win rate is to educate your clients in advance. First, put the right marketing in place. Next, encourage your consults to explore your resources prior to visiting your firm. By doing this, consults are better prepared and convinced you’re the one they want to work with. Read More

Be the ACE! – LFMM 273

ACE stands for Authority, Credibility, and Expertise. When you think about your marketing, whether it’s online or offline, ACE should be your aim. At the end of the day, people want to work with the best. They want to work with a firm who is an authority, who’s credible, and who are the experts in their area of need. Read More

Your Referral Network is Broken!

This is a hard truth to accept, but your referral network is in fact, broken! Like many attorneys, you probably get a good amount of referrals. Even in today's digital marketing world, a lot of business still comes from word of mouth; from past clients, other attorneys, or strategic relationships in specific industries. However, no matter how many referrals you are currently getting, the data says that you are Read More

Market to Your Existing Clients – LFMM 272

Getting referrals from people you already know is cheaper than other forms of marketing and they're typically the best clients. Read More

When Should I Bring My Marketing In-House? – LFMM 271

If you're an attorney who wants to bring marketing in-house, you have to think of your opportunity cost. Is it worth your time? The same goes for an in-house marketing coordinator. Do you really want them to focus on menial everyday tasks rather than more intricate tasks that could potentially lead to a higher ROI? Read More

3 Facts Attorneys Should Know About Avvo

There are several legal directories out there, all of which provide consumers with access to information about attorneys in their area. One directory, however, has made it their mission to become the #1 hub for anyone who not only needs to find an attorney, but also get quick answers to their legal questions. That directory is Avvo. If you’re still unfamiliar with it, here’s what you need to know: 1) You already Read More

Stop Looking for a One-Stop Shop – LFMM 270

It’s hard for any marketing agency to be effective across the board with all marketing needs. You wouldn’t want a doctor who works on a little bit of everything to perform complex heart surgery on you. Just remember the old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Read More