Don’t Write Off Clients Who Have Left! Those Relationships Are Still Valuable

We’ve all had clients ghost us. Without warning, they stop responding to calls and emails. Eventually, you learn the truth: They no longer need your services. It happens. But, in the wake of their departure, what can you do?  WHY DO CLIENTS LEAVE? Your service isn’t in the budget anymore. They’ve crunched the numbers, and there’s just no room. This reason is pretty common in the first quarter of the year Read More

Audio, Video, or the Written Word? – LFMM 363

Content marketing can be broken down into three primary mediums - audio, video, and blogging. Which one is most important and should be part of your marketing strategy? We cover the pros and cons of each in this week's episode! Read More

Is Your Website Losing Clients? 3 Reasons to Update Your Firm’s Site Today

Think about the last time you went online to order takeout food. How was the experience? Did you put your order in without a hitch, or were you frustrated by the restaurant’s outdated website, malfunctioning plugins, and counterintuitive ordering process? Maybe you even wondered whether they were open at all when a COVID-19 popup from March 2020 appeared.  Restaurants are notorious for their terrible Read More

Start with a Simple Solution – LFMM 362

We've seen many attorneys stall out by obsessing over small details over a new system or process that it hinders their overall progress and delays the progress that could have been made. On this week's episode, we talk about the concept of traction and how starting with a simple solution first can help you get farther ahead. Read More

Ready to Publish a Book? Lulu Makes It Easy!

Publishing a book is one of the biggest authority boosters you can have as a solo/small firm attorney. Just the sight of a book in your lobby with your name on the cover tells people you’re an expert in your field. Unfortunately, many people are concerned over the logistical hurdles of getting a book published.  With Lulu, you don’t need an agent to get you a book deal. You also don’t need to order a huge Read More

Spotlight Branding Awarded 4 of Top 10 Websites on Lawyerist List

Lawyerist recently announce their Top 10 Websites for 2021. This annual list showcases Lawyerist's favorite websites, highlights design trends in the legal industry, and the experts working to build them. Spotlight Branding grabbed 4 of the top 10 spots and was the only web designer to have multiple winners. Spotlight Branding's winners are highlighted below, along with what Lawyerist had to say about the Read More

A Story About Direct Mail – LFMM 361

Do you send direct mailers to people who have recently been in an accident or gotten a speeding ticket? We had that happen to an employee here at the office, and the law firm she ended up hiring might surprise you. Read More

It’s Never Too Late to Start a Podcast: 3 Reasons to Press Record Today

2021 is the year of the podcast. So was 2020. And 2019. And 2018. Podcasting has been hot for so long that if your firm doesn’t have a show, you might think you missed the boat. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. If podcasts are still “in,” that means people are still listening to them, loving them, and hunting for new ones to try. Your show could be the next big thing. Not convinced yet? Here are Read More

Quick Video Tips! – LFMM 360

Filming video FAQs isn't difficult at all! We actually sat down and followed our own process to put ourselves in our clients' shoes, and now we're sharing what we learned and the tips we recommend to have a great shoot. Read More

Frustrated with Marketing That Doesn’t Work? Our Third Law of Content Marketing Can Help!

For the last two months, we’ve introduced you to two of the four laws of content marketing. In January, we talked about how “content is king” and explained why content is more vital now than ever. Then we explained why “focusing on people, not search engines” is key if you want to win over clients. That brings us to the third law of content marketing: shared success. Content doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and neither Read More