Crafting Marketing Systems to Get Results

This article was provided by our friend, Kristen David. Her company, Upleveling Your Business, empowers business owners to build thriving, profitable businesses run with systems. Learn more at Marketing is a complex thing. It’s not necessarily hard to do once you have a solid plan and the right systems in place, but there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. Crafting and Read More

Supercharge Your Referral Strategy with the No B.S. Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention

Small business owners often believe that providing good service and reliable products will be enough to generate referrals. The reality is that customer focus isn’t always that dedicated; they rarely think about a business until they need to schedule their next service or restock a product. Even then, they may still decide to go where it is most convenient at the time. To build relationships with customers and Read More

We’ve Been Working with a PPC Company. Here Are 3 Things We’ve Learned

What? A marketing company working with another marketing company on marketing? Yes, it can happen. Take it as a bonus lesson from this article: Recognize your weaknesses and surround yourself with others who can help. We’re content people, not digital ads people. We also wanted to make our own internal lead generation more robust and capture the low-hanging fruit that was out there for the taking. Admittedly, Read More

The Shocking Amount of Revenue You Lose by Doing Your Marketing Yourself – LFMM 444

Have you ever sat down and run the numbers to see just how much revenue you potentially lose by doing marketing yourself? We run them for you on this week's Law Firm Marketing Minute! Read More

Find a Moment of Clarity with Headspace

In the fast-paced, hectic world in which we work, it helps to take a moment to just relax. Meditation, even for just a few minutes, can help us feel re-energized and focus to finish the day strong. Headspace is a science-backed app that provides meditation and mindfulness tools to help support your mental health. Whether you need a quick recharge during the day or help falling asleep at night, Headspace has proven Read More

Don’t Be the Bottleneck! Step Aside to Let Your Firm Grow

This article was provided by Shaun Buck and our friends at Newsletter Pro, an industry leader in print newsletters for small businesses. Their goal is to help businesses grow to their full potential with marketing strategies that seek to strengthen relationships with their prospects and customers. Click here to learn more. Did you know that I used to write, edit, and design all of the newsletters at Newsletter Read More

5 Tips for Setting Revenue Goals for Your Firm

Reaching the million-dollar mark is a huge milestone for almost every firm owner. Whether you've achieved that feat or not, you've hopefully been setting goals along the way to help you get there (or whatever your next milestone is). There’s an extensive planning process involved in setting those goals; that way, operations can run smoothly and efficiently and you eliminate the stress of last-minute decisions that Read More

Beware of These Black Hat SEO Tactics!

Although Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was originally designed to provide the best search results on your website, it quickly became a game to manipulate Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Now, as Google’s algorithm has become more advanced, the same SEO tactics that might have worked in the past could really hurt your website. Even if you just searched your own name or your firm’s name (which is really the only Read More

Vendor Management Part 2 – The Biggest Downfall in Your Relationship – LFMM 443

Delegating tasks to a vendor isn't a "set it and forget it" process. To get the best results, you need to keep a pulse on what's being done. We explain how on this week's Law Firm Marketing Minute. Read More

Learn to Create Positive Emotions

This article was submitted by Steve Cashdollar, an author, teacher, and coach. Steve writes, speaks, and coaches about “courage.” His Professional Advantage training program is a systematic approach to new client development for attorneys, accountants, and other professionals who never imagined they would have to sell! You can “Crash a Class” for free by clicking here. Learning to create positive emotion improves Read More