35% of Lawyers Get Less Than Half of Their Business from Referrals…

We surveyed our email list of over 10,000 lawyers about what percentage of their business comes from referrals. And the results shocked us. 1/3 of lawyers get less than half of their business from referrals. Yikes. Here's why that's a problem. Referrals just make better clients. They're easier to convert and more pleasant to work with.It costs less to convert a referral than it does to convert a cold Read More

ALERT – Google Algorithm Change Tanks Search Results for Thousands – LFMM 379

Google updates its search engine algorithms hundreds of times every year. Most of the time, you'll never notice. But a recent update seems to have affected thousands of website search rankings so much that webmasters are considering abandoning their websites and SEO altogether. If you were affected by this, we discuss what you can do to break free of SEO. Read More

Guest Blog: How to Organize an Online Education Event for Potential Clients

This special blog post was provided by our good friend, Dan Brian. Dan is the founder of Marketing for Justice, an online education company that hosts digital marketing workshops for legal marketers. He is also the Director of Digital Marketing for a mid-size personal injury law firm in North Carolina. Online educational events like webinars are great opportunities to generate leads, connect with potential Read More

CloudApp: A More Efficient Way to Communicate

Imagine this scenario: You need to explain something to an associate or a paralegal, so you write up a long, tedious email. In the end, your written explanation didn’t make sense and you’ve wasted time writing an explanation that would have been so much easier to describe visually.  That’s what CloudApp can do for you! This app enables you to record your voice and what you see on your screen so you can Read More

Improve the Performance of Your Pay-Per-Click Ads with the Help of Quality Content

More than 5% of all Google Ads circulating on the internet right now involve the legal industry. Many law firms spend thousands of dollars on pay-per-click advertising every year to get their firms noticed. Competition is stiff! If you’re a pay-per-click convert, you’re probably always on the hunt for strategies that will increase your conversion rate and boost your ad performance. One of those strategies is so Read More

Are You Happy? – LFMM 378

We've seen a lot of unhappy lawyers out there, and there are statistics to back it up. If you've been feeling regretful about becoming an attorney, this week's Law Firm Marketing Minute is for you. We discuss some ideas for turning things around, and we also let you know that it's okay to walk away. Read More

Get More Out of Your Staff’s Performance Reviews by Having “Performance Conversations” Instead

If you conduct regular performance reviews for your team, then you know just how frustrating they can be. Sometimes you can spend an hour assessing a problem, only for you AND your employee to leave the room more confused than when you entered! This is because the typical “performance review” process is flawed. It’s time to toss it out the window.  Here at Spotlight Branding, we’ve swapped out quarterly Read More

How to Run a Webinar for Your Firm – LFMM 377

A regular webinar series is a great way to engage with your audience and show off your credibility and expertise. Plus, it's a lot easier than you might think!  This week, we dive into how you can set up a regular webinar series for your firm. Read More

3 Business Tricks That Will Improve Your Personal Life

When you’re constantly in the “zone” at work, you’re not always thinking about what’s best for your personal life. While many business owners prioritize balance, what will truly benefit both your home and work life? Check out these three tricks.  1: START YOUR DAY WITH A PLAN We know what you’re thinking: Writing out my plan is more work than just doing it. The key is to plan whenever you can. If you jot Read More

All This Content and Nowhere to Go? – LFMM 376

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? If a blog sits on your website, does it get consumed? This week on the Law Firm Marketing Minute, we talk about how to make sure all of the great content you're creating gets seen by your audience and how you can make it the most effective! Read More