3 Apps That Will Make Your Law Firm Run Better

The legal world is notoriously slow to adopt new technologies. However, in an increasingly digital world, your tech stack becomes more and more important with each passing day. Here are a few apps we use around our office that we know will make your life (and firm) run more efficiently.

1 – Calendly

Any calendar booking app, really, is a great tool for your firm. Give visitors the opportunity to book at their convenience rather than playing phone tag with your receptionist or trying to coordinate between your calendar and theirs.

These apps usually have a free version, and you can add multiple users for a relatively low cost.

2 – Canva

This browser-based app is extremely valuable and provides a TON of opportunities to design brochures, social media graphics, and more for free. You can add a low-cost subscription (like $12/month). You don’t need any graphic design skills to make great graphics, as Canva provides lots of well-designed templates that allow you to drag-and-drop different elements. (Our blog and podcast graphics are made inside Canva!)

3 – TextExpander

This is THE biggest gamechanger that has helped our office, and we’ve been using it for years.

If you’re finding that you’re typing out the same email over and over again, TextExpander is a must-have tool that will save you tons of time. A yearly subscription is only about $100 and allows you to populate your emails with just a single shortcode. Stop spending hours writing up emails and cut your inbox time down to mere minutes with this app.

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