3 Reasons Why SEO Doesn’t Matter for Your Firm

No, this isn’t a clickbait article. SEO really doesn’t actually matter for your law firm.

When we say it doesn’t matter, we mean that it isn’t a requirement and it definitely shouldn’t be the top priority when it comes to your online marketing strategy. Don’t believe us? Here’s why:

1. There’s Limited Real Estate

Open up a new tab on your browser right now and do a Google search of your practice area in your city/metro area (example: family lawyer Denver). What do you see? First, you’ll see “sponsored” listings, followed by Maps listings, followed by some questions, and then FINALLY actual websites.

In the Denver example specifically, you get 6 law firm websites interspersed among directories before more questions and sponsored posts. We don’t know how many family lawyers are in Denver, but we feel confident in that there are WAAAYYYYYY more than 6. That’s a problem for the other law firms because people will generally stop scrolling at that point.

So why would you continue to invest thousands of dollars each month in an attempt to try to sniff the top of a Google ranking? It just isn’t the best use of your firm’s precious budget.

2. You’re Not Attracting the Best Clients

Playing the SEO game is all about trying to attract the lowest-hanging fruit. Unfortunately, these PNCs are going to be focused more on your rates and trying to find the cheapest option. This is NOT the game you want to play. You’ll end up frustrated with the quality of the ROI you get.

3. The Expense Isn’t Worth the Risk

We mentioned earlier that you’d have to spend thousands of dollars each month to *hopefully* get a top Google ranking. The problem is that strategy is super risky. For starters, you may never get there because other firms spend more than you to stay ahead of you.

Even scarier, Google changes its algorithms several times per year, and one small change could drastically alter where your firm ranks without you ever having done anything wrong. There’s usually at least one big story every year of this happening.

Instead, invest in a safer marketing strategy like nurturing your existing audience. They already know you and have some level of trust in you. They’re also willing to send you referrals and repeat business, but simply don’t remember you when the time comes.

We can help with that. Book a call with our team today and let’s chat about how we can work together to get you more referrals and better clients!

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