3 Steps to Business Success in 2022

Ah, the holidays — the busiest and slowest time of year! Let us guess: Right now, your home life is a chaotic mess of gift buying and party planning, but your office is an oasis of calm before the Jan. 1 storm. If that sounds about right, you’re in luck! You finally have time to step back from the daily grind and look at your firm on a macro level. To succeed in 2022, take these three steps before New Year’s Day. 


Do you have SOPs for all of your core systems and processes? Are they documented? If not, now is a great time to build out and revise your in-house policies, procedures, and manuals. Writing down the steps your team needs to take to onboard a new client or wrap up a case will make training new hires easier and your whole team more efficient. 


Does everyone on staff understand their job, want their job, and have the capacity to do their job? If not, consider making changes. We’re not saying fire your employees on Christmas — we’re not Grinches! But this is a good opportunity to assess where each team member is doing well, identify areas they can improve, and chart a course of action. Maybe your intake specialist would be a great paralegal. You’ll never know unless you ask, “Do I have the right people in the right seats?” 


The new year is an ideal time to launch a new marketing campaign. To figure out if you need to do that, try working backward. First, identify your ultimate marketing goal for 2022. Do you want to generate more leads? Double your referrals? Then, sit down with your marketing vendor or your in-house marketing team to create a plan to achieve that aim. You might be able to do it with your existing marketing, or you might need to launch a new campaign. To get expert advice on reaching your goals from our team, contact us today.

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