3 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence

If there’s one perk of the Great Resignation for business owners, it’s this: Engagement on LinkedIn is booming. According to its parent company, Microsoft, the platform got so popular last year that its overall revenue jumped 36% in the fourth quarter alone. 

This is great news for you, because more people using the platform to connect professionally and nurture business relationships means more potential eyeballs on your content — which will generate leads, referrals, and ultimately revenue. 

To cash in on this wave of popularity, you need to level up your LinkedIn game. Here are three tips to help you go that extra mile on your personal and business pages. 

1. Maximize your connections

LinkedIn shares your content to all of your connections on the platform, so the more you have the better! To beef up your list, try exporting your contacts from your email. LinkedIn will automatically search out accounts with those email addresses and make growing your contact list easy. 

2. Take advantage of the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Did you know you can write and publish blogs directly on LinkedIn using the article publishing tool on your home page? You can even use images and hashtags. This is a great secondary spot to store your content and get more visibility with your network. Your blogs will appear on your profile, further positioning you as the expert.

3. Host events on LinkedIn Live

Yes, that’s right—you can host events and webinars with live-streamed videos right on LinkedIn. It’s even easier than setting up a Zoom meeting, and it’s another great way to show off your expertise, nurture your connections, and add value for leads and clients following you on the platform. Visit Business.LinkedIn.com/marketing-solutions/linkedin-live for all of the details. 

We haven’t mentioned it yet, but LinkedIn is also a great way to find and attract talent. According to Business Insider, about six people are hired through LinkedIn every minute. Whether you want to strengthen your network, convert leads, or grow your team, this is a tool you can’t afford to overlook.

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