3 Tips to Help You Land Your Next Rockstar Hire

Employee turnover is seemingly at an all-time high. There are also seemingly more open positions than ever before. While the job market is competitive, workers are looking for jobs that they feel confident they’ll enjoy. You, on the other hand, want to find someone who will stick around and help propel your firm forward.

At Spotlight Branding, we’ve created a hiring process that we believe helps us accomplish those goals while also providing people with a great place to work. Try these things when you make your next hire.

1. Provide Specific Instructions for How to Apply

When you post your next job on Indeed or another job site, don’t just allow people to apply directly from the site. You’ll likely get hundreds, if not thousands, of applications that you’ll have to take time to sift through. Instead, ask people to apply by sending a message to a specific email address with a specific subject line.

Shockingly, this will eliminate about 90% of candidates right off the bat because only people who have a genuine interest in the job will read the entire post.

2. Quiz Your Candidates

For those that apply correctly, we then send them a short quiz with a variety of questions. This isn’t general trivia. The quiz contains questions that test the candidate’s ability to follow directions (such as step-by-step instructions for setting up a Gmail account), their attention to detail (such as submitting an answer in a specific, non-traditional way), and their knowledge and experience about the position they’re applying for.

Not everyone will submit this quiz. In fact, only about 25-50% of people who get a quiz actually turn it in. From there, you can develop a rubric and grade these quizzes. Your best scores get interviews. In our experience, this process usually illuminates 3 or 4 amazing candidates.

3. Conduct More Than Just an Interview

Some people don’t interview well, and truthfully, you really want to see if they have the ability to perform the job well. Your “interview” could very well be a half- or full-day affair with the candidate where, after a traditional interview, you have them sit down and perform some of the core tasks that will be part of their daily job. Make sure that the work they do is for internal purposes only and will not be used for clients.

Rather than individually sifting through hundreds (or even thousands) of resumes every time you post a new job, you can eliminate huge chunks of unqualified candidates and save TONS of time. At the end of this process, you should see an obvious winner. Maybe you’ll have a tough decision to make between 2 or 3 candidates. Regardless, you’ll have your rockstar and your team will be better off for it.

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