3 Ways to Use a Webinar Recording in Your Marketing

If your firm regularly holds webinars or some other kind of speaking presentation, there are a few simple ways to repurpose that valuable content in your marketing. It definitely should NOT be something you do once and move on!

Here are 3 simple things you can do to integrate that content into your firm’s marketing.

1. Have a library on your website

If you already have a library of videos on your website, your webinar recordings can go here as well. If you hold webinars on a regular basis, you could also dedicate a page on your website to these as well (just like we did). Just embed the YouTube link on the page!

2. Use them on social media

Use an AI tool like Opus Clip to chop up your webinar into 45-60 second clips that you can share on social media. People are gravitating towards more video content as it is, so repurposing your webinars into smaller video clips is a great way to enhance your social media presence.

3. Turn them into lead magnets

If you have a particularly strong webinar full of vital information, convert it into a lead magnet so future prospects can view it in exchange for their contact information. 

There you have it! Your webinars can provide value long after they’ve come and gone, and they often do a wonderful job of helping you show off your expertise. If you haven’t implemented any of the strategies outlined above, get started today!

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