35% of Lawyers Get Less Than Half of Their Business from Referrals…

We surveyed our email list of over 10,000 lawyers about what percentage of their business comes from referrals. And the results shocked us.

1/3 of lawyers get less than half of their business from referrals. Yikes.

Here’s why that’s a problem.

  1. Referrals just make better clients. They’re easier to convert and more pleasant to work with.
  2. It costs less to convert a referral than it does to convert a cold lead.
  3. You’re literally missing out on an opportunity to potentially double your business!

If you’ve followed us for some time, you know about the Texas Tech study that came out a few years ago. It found that 80% of people are willing to refer you business, but only about 30% actually do. If you’re already getting less than half of your business from referrals, you’re sitting on a literal gold mine of business that you’re simply failing to tap in to.

So how do you do it?

It’s really simple – just start communicating with your audience. Stay in touch. Remind them of who you are and how you can help.

It’s the simple content formula we’ve talked about for years that has helped business owners all over the country increase their referrals and build a healthier business.

All you have to do is start sending ONE email to your audience every month. Put an evergreen, relevant, and informative blog post as your featured piece of content within that email, and the referrals will start coming in.

Your firm has the ability to double the number of referrals it receives, and it’s so much easier than you might think. If you need help, we’re happy to chat!

PS – Another somewhat shocking statistic was that 18% of lawyers don’t actually know how much of their business comes from referrals. This can be a blog post in and of itself, but seriously, start tracking your leads and understanding where they’re coming from! It will help you understand whether or not your marketing is actually working.

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