5 Content Pillars To Better Market Your Services

This article was submitted by our friends at Get Staffed Up, a staffing company that provides virtual assistants to law firms and other small businesses to help you free up valuable time and get more done!

Content! Content! Content! We hear that word everywhere and with good reason. Basically “everything” your firm puts out for your audience automatically becomes “content.” Digital marketing is critical for firms because it helps you reach a larger audience than you could through traditional methods.

Creating content is an organic approach to building a community and is a highly-efficient, cost-effective way to attract and retain clients. So, how do you generate effective content? We’ll enlist 5 important content pillars to better market your services.

1: Understand Your Target Audience

Doing research and finding your target audience is an arduous task, but a crucial one. You know better than anyone the type of clients you want to deal with, and to find them you need to understand them. The best way we recommend is to develop buyer/client personas that represent people who meet your criteria (age, sex, location, career, hobbies, interests, education, etc) and are potential clients who will benefit from your content and therefore, your service. Having this data will allow you to make better strategic decisions.

2: Map Customer’s Journey with Content

There’s a starting point for everything and your customer’s journey is no different. Your content isn’t just supposed to engage your target audience for a brief moment and that’s it. The purpose of content is to help them move to the next stage of the funnel and ultimately towards becoming a client (or conversion). It’s imperative to keep the customer’s journey at the top of your mind and identify the different stages a potential client goes through in order to keep improving the overall customer experience. Remember, the content will be your first line of communication.

3: Valuable Content Generation

Now you know your target audience and the customer’s journey map is ready, that means it is time to create the content. You’ll be facing a crossroads regarding the type of content and format you want to share with your audience. There is no guaranteed formula for content success, you and your team will need to test every single piece of content. You’ll be wise to implement our amazing marketing virtual assistants with different social media platforms and publish content that will BENEFIT or provide VALUE to your core audience. Practice makes perfect, so start implementing different content strategies and find the perfect process for you.

4: Content Promotion

We’ve all heard the proverb “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” You have your content ready and it’s already out there. Great right?!… WRONG! Content marketing also includes promoting the content you create. You need to make noise and focus your efforts on promoting the best content possible. Social media is a great way to share content for free or if you want to implement paid search ads and promote it to an even larger audience. It’s a great organic way to get visitors to view your blog posts and other website content.

5: Measure Analytics and Metrics

Measuring the results of all the content you put out is extremely important, since the success of your content marketing depends on the right efforts and with the right vision. When your team starts monitoring these metrics, you’ll be able to keep your content performance under control and make the proper adjustments if something is not working. If something is working, still, it allows you to analyze and keep improving upon the content formats that align and work for your brand. 

The impact of your content strategies will eventually show up and will provide you with detailed insights to keep making the right decisions and putting out amazing content for your audience. Our virtual marketing assistants are the absolute best option for you if you want to start implementing a good marketing strategy.

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