5 Critical Elements Missing From 90% of Personal Brands

This article was submitted by Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr of BrandFace, a branding agency primarily for real estate, mortgage, and title professionals. The team at BrandFace is passionate about helping you develop your personal brand, which will influence your marketing message and help you win more business.

Personal branding is critical to every solopreneur’s success. The problem is that 90% of personal brands are missing these 5 elements to boost their brand.

#1. A Different & Compelling STORY

There is only one you. You have a story that no doubt explains why you are in this profession. Be transparent and authentic in your approach so your customers know exactly what you have to offer and why they should choose you over your competition. Your story must answer these 5 questions.

  • What sets you apart?
  • Who do you serve?
  • How do you serve them?
  • What qualifies you to serve them?
  • How does it make their life better?

Once these questions are answered and present in your brand, you will attract customers that are the perfect fit for you.


A strong brand identifier is a slogan or tagline that expresses what sets you apart and what you stand for. The problem with most taglines today is that they are boring and standard. You need a brand identifier that makes you stand out. Look for slogans that separate you from others in your industry. If they can elevate your expertise, even better! Remember, you are committed to being the leader in your industry. If you can be the “most reliable”, or the person with the “fastest response time,” then you are promoting an ideal, positioning yourself to embody that ideal, and then forcing yourself to live up to it because you have branded that ideal to the public. 

#3. A Purposeful & Professional PHOTO SHOOT

Putting your best face forward is just as important to your overall perception and business brand. Consider not just the pose, the smile, and the wardrobe, but ask yourself: do my photos represent the image I’m trying to display? A professional photo shoot can elevate you and your brand. When you put your best face forward, it differentiates you from your competitors in a way that says you are professional, thoughtful, and care about your own image as well as the image of your company. Whatever your slogan or identifying position ends up being, your face has to sell it. 

#4. Unrelenting CONSISTENCY

Personal branding is all about the consistency you practice when you can’t instantly see the benefit of the results. Consistency in your brand is present in two different ways:

  • A consistent look & feel everywhere

Repeating a signature look through images creates consistency and eliminates the confusion that can occur when businesses use too many photos in their materials. Too much variety can’t possibly stick in the consumer’s mind. Combining the right look with consistency is the key to a recognizable brand. 

  • Consistently putting out content

It is crucial to not just have consistent materials and imagery, but to also release this content regularly. You must strike a balance between posting too frequently and annoying your followers, and posting rarely and losing your follower’s engagement. 


You can’t see the label when you’re inside the jar. Sometimes it is easier for us to see our flaws than our qualities, making it harder to define what makes us special and different. It is important to have an expert opinion that will help you define what sets you apart that also attracts your ideal customers and positions yourself as an authority on your market. It is important to appreciate the advice of someone that matters to you, but it is crucial to take the advice of someone who already is where you want to be and knows how to take you there.

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