5 Easy Steps to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

This post was contributed by Janet Falk, Chief Strategist of Falk Communications and Research in New City. She provides media relations and marketing communications services to attorneys with a solo practice, small law firms and consultants. She can be reached at 212/677-5770 or Janet@JanetLFalk.com

Make the most of online networking by presenting your best digital self.

Polishing your LinkedIn profile has languished for too long on your list of things to do when your practice gets quiet. Take action today. Promote yourself more effectively with these five simple steps.

1. The purpose of your LinkedIn headline is TO BE FOUND

No one is looking for a partner or founder at a law firm. Instead, they want someone who will resolve their problem and ease their pain.

Compare these headlines:
Attorney for fraud at businesses and corporations in multiple industries. Uncover the who, what, when, where, why, and how of fraud.

Use the 220 characters of the headline to address your audience, their problem, and the benefit of working with you. Don’t let that section lie undeveloped.

2. Update your background

Use a template from Canva or work with a graphic designer to customize the boring gray space behind your photo. 

You may show yourself speaking with a staff member in your office. Perhaps list your services using popular search terms and keywords. Include your contact information. (I’ve done this since 2018 and do not receive spam.)

As a last resort, include your logo, provided it does not feature the over-used symbols of the scales of justice or columns of the courthouse.

3. Customize your profile’s URL

Demonstrate that you pay attention to detail by removing the random numbers LinkedIn generated when you created your profile. Follow the instructions here.

4. Display a professional photo.

30% of the time people spend on your LinkedIn profile is looking at your photo. They check it before they meet you, so they’ll recognize you when you DO meet. Do not use a photo from more than five years ago where your hair color, hairstyle, or facial hair may be very different from your current appearance.

5. Update the details in the Contact info section.

There are three spaces to include links to your website. Adjust the categories for each one by selecting Other so you can specify the type of practice you have instead of the default Company website.

Consider adding a link to your newsletter or blog if you have one, and post the link to a free tip sheet or quiz that visitors can request or download from your website.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve made substantial progress on this refresh, consider the meatier sections of your profile, such as About, Featured, Accomplishments, and Recommendations.  When those are revitalized, you can focus on your activity on the LinkedIn platform and your network connections.

For more tips, request Three Steps for More Success on LinkedIn here.

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