5 Overrated Metrics That Don’t Provide the Value You Think They Do

We get it. As a marketing company, we love to show you data that not only makes you feel good, but makes us look like rock stars. We want to show you how much traffic we’re sending your way or how good of a job we’re doing with the ads. The problem is that many of the data points you’ve been told to focus on don’t actually tell you the whole story. In this article, we’ll highlight those overrated metrics, explain why they’re overrated, and show you what to focus on instead.

The five most overrated metrics are:

  1. Clicks: If you’re only seeing the total number of clicks on a link or page, you don’t actually know if they’re real clicks (or bots) or repeat visitors.
  2. Website visits: Again, do you know where these visits are actually coming from?
  3. Social media followers: You can buy followers; it also just doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing well on social media.
  4. Social media engagement: In most industries, this is a sign of success; law firms are a rare exception here due to the nature of your content
  5. Email open rate: Thanks to privacy restrictions by the larger email providers, it’s getting harder and harder to truly gauge an open rate.

What to Do Instead

Look at correlation, not just causation. The best results are often found in metrics that a marketing company cannot provide you, such as:

  1. Referrals
  2. Average case value
  3. Win rate

Those are numbers you need to track internally, and these are numbers that should improve if you’re marketing your firm well.

In other words, having 1,000 Instagram followers won’t immediately equal more business. However, consistently posting valuable content to Instagram can absolutely lead to those followers sending you referrals.
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