5 Reasons to Kickstart a New Marketing Direction Today!

Happy New Year! We hope 2019 will be a great year for your firm.

If you haven’t already done so, the start of a new year is always a good time to think about how you plan to market your business for the calendar year. This is the ideal time to take on a new marketing initiative, and this blog will provide you with some ideas, along with a few reasons to start today.

For example, is your website outdated and due for a makeover? Is your message and branding on point with what you’re doing in your office and communicating your expertise and reputation? Are you staying in touch with referral sources and maximizing opportunities as much as you would like?

If you don’t have solid answers for those questions, consider these reasons to start on a new marketing direction now:

1. Achieve Your Goals with a Healthy ROI

The new year is a time to not only make personal goals, but also business goals as well. How much do you want to grow your business? How many new clients do you want to work with? Putting the right marketing in place can help you realize those goals for the year and help you focus on what you want your 2019 ROI to be!

2. Availability in Your Marketing Budget

Hopefully, you have an idea of your budget for the year and know what you want to spend and where. Don’t wait until later in the year when your budget gets sucked up by lower priorities. For many of us, being reactive with our spending usually ends up with our money going to lesser priorities. At the beginning of the year, you should still have marketing budget availability. Put it to good use!

3. Capitalize on the Momentum of the New Year

There is momentum with the new year…energy and enthusiasm for the year ahead. Capitalize on that and get an exciting new marketing initiative going! Even more, few marketing initiatives see immediate results. Start early and reap the exponential benefits as the year progresses.

4. Ramp Up Time – Don’t Fall Behind! 

Remember, quality marketing has a reasonable onboarding period. For example, a great website takes at least a few months to deliver from start to finish. Companies that promise you a website in a week or two aren’t going to provide you with a great product. Don’t settle for “good enough,” start now so that you don’t get too deep into 2019 before launching a new campaign.

5. Perfect Timing for a New Strategy or Refined Marketing Message

The new year is a great time to reconsider your current strategy and messaging. Do you want to focus more on a particular niche? Do you want to do more to tell your story of why you are passionate about helping your clients? Is there something that simply is not communicated as effectively or poignantly in your marketing as you would like? Make 2019 the year that it changes!

Whether it’s working with Spotlight Branding or another company, we hope you will take the steps to launch a new marketing direction for 2019. If you have any questions about where to start, we’re happy to help! Contact us today to get started.

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