5 Statistics That Should Shape Your Law Firm’s Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing is a powerful tool to attract, engage, and retain clients. But, creating high-quality content consistently isn’t easy – especially when you are busy with client work.  However, in the digital age, creating content is essential to compete in the online marketplace. If you are going to spend valuable time creating content, how can you ensure your efforts result in new leads? And how can you be available 24/7 to ensure those leads turn into clients? 

In this article, we explore 5 key statistics that should form the basis of your law firm’s content and lead management strategy for maximum impact. 

1. Your clients are on the move: 61.6% of U.S. Internet Users Access the Web via Mobile Devices

When you are at your desk, it’s easy to forget that your future clients might not be. 

Statista reports that as of 2021, 61.6% of internet users in the United States accessed the web via mobile devices. Whether prospects are traveling to and from work or carrying out research at home, when they find your website, you want to provide an experience that represents the quality of your firm.  

It is important that your law firm’s website is fully responsive and accessible to users on smartphones and tablets if you want to engage this huge share of the market. 

Action point: Prioritize mobile responsiveness in your content formatting and website design. Before you hit publish, check that your content is easy to read and navigate on smaller screens. Mobile-friendly content is vital for attracting potential clients who prefer to access information on the go. When customers engage with your content after hours, be there for them with live chat, 24/7 legal receptionists, or online appointment scheduling to make working with you stress-free. 

2. If you don’t do it, your competitors will: 80% of B2B Firms Use Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Institute’s 2021 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks report highlighted that 80% of B2B firms, including law firms, use content marketing as a strategy to attract and retain clients. Law firm leaders know that content marketing is

an effective way to connect with their audience and achieve business objectives, but many can’t follow through on their content plans. What will set your firm apart? Consistency and execution. 

Action Point: Make content marketing a central pillar of your law firm’s marketing strategy and commit to execution. Develop a content plan that targets your most profitable practice areas and answers your audience’s questions. When you consistently produce valuable and relevant content, you can become an authoritative voice in your area of expertise. 

3. SEO and Website Traffic: The first page of Google captures 71% of Search Traffic

Research from Moz shows just how important it is to prioritize website content: the first page of Google search results captures approximately 71% of search traffic clicks. The key to making it onto that high-value first page? High-quality, engaging content. Getting started with SEO can be as simple as finding out what questions your clients ask, and answering those questions as best you can. Google rewards valuable content, so write to provide value to your ideal clients. 

Action Point: If SEO is your goal, start creating quality content NOW! However, it may take several months to see results on your search rankings. However, along the way, you should see an uptick in referrals and repeat business!

4. Show off your expertise: 61% are willing to pay a premium for thought leadership

You may want to consider the impact creating content could have on your pricing strategy. A survey by Edelman and LinkedIn found that 61% of decision-makers are willing to pay a premium to work with a law firm or attorney who positions themselves as a thought leader through content. Becoming recognized as a trusted authority in your practice area can have a direct impact on your firm’s profitability. 

Action Point: Do you have a topic within your practice area you are particularly passionate about or experienced in? Position yourself as a thought leader by sharing. insights, analysis, and opinions and demonstrate your firm’s deep understanding of your client’s legal matters. 

5. Try video: Online videos make up over 82% of consumer internet traffic

Cisco’s prediction that online videos made up over 82% of all consumer internet traffic in 2022 highlights the growing dominance of video content. Law firms that embrace video marketing can tap into this trend to effectively reach and connect with their audience.

Action Point: Incorporate video content into your marketing strategy. Consider producing informational videos, client testimonials, or even live webinars to engage your audience. 

By leveraging content marketing, establishing thought leadership, and embracing video content, your law firm can build the foundations for long-term success. With your future clients searching for answers online 24/7, there has never been a better time to provide support at all hours of the day. LEX Reception allows you to be there for clients and prospects whenever they contact you, giving you time to focus on what matters most.

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