5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Firm’s Workspace

Here at Spotlight Branding, we take the way our office looks seriously. We’re actually a little bit obsessed with decor and aesthetic! Maybe it sounds shallow, but we think it’s important that we create a place to work that’s as cool, sleek, and sophisticated as the websites we design. This summer, we upgraded our office and we put a lot of time and effort into the project. We thought about every little detail, from the location of our coffee bar to the dual functionality of our break room/podcast studio. 

In the process, we discovered five key things every business owner and manager should consider when designing an office space. We took them all into account here at Spotlight Branding HQ, and our remodel was a huge success. If your office is looking a little shabby, cluttered, or disorganized these days, ask yourself these five questions when you start a refresh. 

1. How can you minimize clutter? 

We’ve all heard the old saying “tidy room, tidy mind,” and guess what? It’s right on the money! According to Harvard Business Review, studies show that “when our space is a mess, so are we.” Clutter creates stress and anxiety and has a negative impact on our focus, eating habits, and even sleep. Plus, the last thing you want to do is pay your team for time spent looking for documents on their messy desks, right? 

A clean office will do wonders for your firm’s productivity. If someone’s desk is organized, there’s a good chance their task list will be, too. That’s why Spotlight Branding HQ is clean, modern, and uncluttered. Our team works for our clients with clear minds. We’ll even remind them to clean their desks if needed. When you’re designing your space, think about how you can minimize clutter with smart storage and new company policies. 

2. What feeling do you want to create for your team and clients? 

Do you want your office to feel luxurious? Relaxing? Homey? Inspiring? You can use design elements and decor to create those feelings for your team and your clients. If you want people to feel at home, consider cozy couches, lamps, and wooden accents that will make your waiting room and conference area feel like a living room. Or if your clients are high-income, consider an infused water station or latte service to bring in a touch of luxury. It will make a huge difference! 

Here at Spotlight Branding we want our team to feel creative and inspired, so we built fun and collaborative elements into our space. Our conference room table doubles as a ping-pong table, and our break room is also a recording studio. We record podcasts for clients there and the team uses it to create their own Instagram reels and TikTok videos! We also have couches for lounging in groups, a chess set, and a Connect Four game. It’s a clean, modern space with plenty of pizzazz. 

3. Are your tools as functional as they are beautiful? 

If your office looks amazing but the chairs give your team back problems and the computers run at a snail’s pace, you’ve still failed. It’s important to marry form and function in your furniture and tech. For us, that meant investing in Samsung Frame TVs that can display beautiful art or broadcast PowerPoint presentations seamlessly. Similarly, our coffee machine looks great, but it also makes a killer latte, even frothing the milk for you. 

4. Does everyone have the individual space they need? 

Whether your team works in cubicles, offices, or a shared workspace, it’s important that everyone has a measure of privacy and can display their individuality. The Harvard Business Review found that when employees can personalize their space, they feel more connected to their company, so they work harder and more efficiently. 

But how do you do this while keeping things clean and on-brand? I solved that problem by stocking a whole closet with cool decor new employees can choose from to personalize their offices. They can also bring in family photos or art and have us pick the frames. It’s a win-win. 

5. Can the people who need to collaborate reach each other? 

Are your paralegals constantly walking across the office to chat with the attorneys they assist? Maybe their workspaces should be closer together! Consider how your team collaborates. Who will benefit from being near each other? Should the legal assistants be in the same place, or spread out by practice area? People who are on the phone all the time might benefit from a door, while managers could be better placed in a cubicle where they can easily connect with anyone on their team. Think about all of those things when divvying up office space. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little office tour! Ultimately, the more thought you put into your space, the better results your company will deliver.

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