5 Tips for Virtual Networking Success

This post was contributed by Janet Falk, Chief Strategist of Falk Communications and Research in New City. She provides media relations and marketing communications services to attorneys with a solo practice, small law firms and consultants. She can be reached at 212/677-5770 or Janet@JanetLFalk.com

Networking, whether in-person or virtual, is key to your business development activities. Compare your approach to networking online with these five best practices to strengthen your presence in virtual networking groups and improve your activity.

  1. Customize your virtual background

Imagine your box as a picture frame. Use the area above your head to display information about your practice, your email address, and your phone number. Many templates are available online at Canva.com and other sources.

Do NOT place your firm’s logo smack dab in the center of the screen. When you are seated, your body will completely obscure the logo.

  1. Take action when the large group moves into breakout rooms

Everyone in the small group will look at the other attendees and wonder who’s in charge of the discussion. Step up to the plate and be the leader. State your name and your practice area and get the discussion going.

After everyone has introduced themselves, pose a question that all the participants can answer. You might suggest a problem you are facing in your practice that is likely shared by others, such as technology, timely payment of fees, or marketing. Share the discussion when you return to the main group so that others can comment.

  1. Compose a succinct elevator pitch

Make it 30 seconds, which is 75-84 words. Summarize your practice or a recent client success. Indicate your ideal client or best referral source. Close with a call to action so the group members will contact you.

  1. Use the chat function

Click on the list of participants and send a private message. You can greet people you know and reach out to those you want to meet.

  1. Attend more networking groups and be an active participant

You can invite your clients and referral sources to the groups you attend and, in turn, ask to be invited to their groups. It’s a win-win as you all expand your circles of contacts.

BONUS TIP: Prepare your contact details in advance

Copy and paste your name, email address, and phone number in the chat. Wait for the middle of the session when everyone has arrived and settled in.

You may be heading back to the office, but virtual networking is here to stay. Follow these tips to boost your participation and outreach in online events.

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