5 Tips to Create a Great Client Experience

Client satisfaction is a measure of how well your products or services meet expectations. Because it is one of the most important indicators of client loyalty and purchase intentions, it helps predict business growth and revenue.

Nearly every business claims to provide great client service. However, the ability to provide that level of service versus just promising it depends on a number of factors. Foremost is a great client experience. Let’s take a closer look at 5 tips that can help your firm exceed expectations and thrive no matter how tight or competitive your market.

Tip #1: Develop a Client-Centric Culture

In a client-centric firm, everyone strives to provide an exceptional experience. This includes a friendly voice on the phone, quick responses (more on that below), and exceptional products or services. For professional practices like accountants and law firms, this might include free consultations, complimentary ebooks, and a website that speaks to its intended audience. 

Tip #2: Easy Communication with Rapid Responses

When clients want to reach you to book an appointment, ask a question, or even express a concern, how easy do you make it for them? Are your contact details available on a clearly labeled section of your site or do clients have to go looking for them? The easier they are to find, the more you’ll come across as a firm that cares.

Proactively offering different ways of communicating with your firm is also important, especially after hours. You can provide customers with options such as email, Facebook messenger, an FAQ page or chatbot on your website, and telephone support during business hours. Whichever options you offer, make sure you respond by the next business day at the very latest. For some queries, you can use automation for immediate results.

Tip #3: Show You Value Feedback

Asking clients for feedback is essential to ensuring satisfaction. Not only does it show that you’re willing to listen, but their responses can help you better understand the experience they’re having with your business. Just make sure you act on what your clients tell you: by learning more about their experiences, you can improve the strategies that serve you well while discontinuing the ones that don’t.

Tip #4: Personalize the Client Experience

One of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction is to personalize the service experience. Depending on your industry, you can analyze each client’s history with your firm and recommend solutions for their specific needs. You can even send them a personalized “Happy Birthday!” Even a little gesture can mean a lot.

Tip #5: Show Them How You’ll Help Them Succeed

What will you do for your client as their lawyer? Their accountant? Telling them how you will assist them along their journey (especially when the main job they hired you for is finished) while explaining the next steps is a surefire way to keep them satisfied. Your clients will know exactly what to expect from you and how to contact you for help if needed. 


Consumer expectations are higher than ever. As clients become more empowered, their experience becomes even more important. In fact, clients with the most positive experiences spend 140% more and stay loyal for up to six years. A great experience strategy on your part can make a positive impact on customer loyalty, retention, and revenue growth.

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