7 Delegation Tips Every Firm Owner Must Know

This article was submitted by our friends at Get Staffed Up, a staffing company that provides virtual assistants to law firms and other small businesses to help you free up valuable time and get more done!

Many entrepreneurs and business owners believe that work will get done faster, better, and more efficiently if they handle everything themselves. The idea of hiring someone would mean wasting money, time, and even losing control of the work. However, by realizing the benefits of delegation, it is possible to overcome these objections because delegating tasks to others is helpful is crucial to the success of a firm.

Delegating will give you the most precious reward, time — time which can be used to focus on bigger, more important tasks. Delegation allows you to make the best use of your time and skills, and it helps other people grow within the team without having to spend too much money. Even small firms and small business owners on a tight budget can hire a virtual assistant. However, if you still have trouble letting go, here are seven delegation tips every firm owner must know:

  1. Change of mindset:

Lesson number one, delegating is a sign of a strong leader. Up to this point, you have been the “doer” and now you are in a new situation where you have to change your mindset from “doer” to “leader”. Delegating is about teamwork and results, it is an ongoing foundational approach to the growth journey of your firm. Here are some very practical tips on how to develop a delegation mindset:

  • Make a list of tasks that only you can or should do.
  • Your time is your greatest return on investment, so spend time on tasks that are a priority. 
  • List five benefits that your firm will gain because the truth is that delegation doesn’t only benefit those who delegate, your team will benefit by developing new skill sets, and building trust and communication channels.
  1. Decide what to delegate

For a week, write down all your activities and tasks. At the end of the week take a highlighter and highlight all the things you don’t like doing, are not making you money, or are getting in the way of your actual business. Those are the tasks you are going to delegate.

  1. Choose the right people

As a leader, you need to understand your team members and identify their strengths. Then you can assign the tasks they can perform best. Delegation is 20% of what you delegate and 80% of who you delegate to. Choosing the best people for your team is key. 

  1. Provide training

Employees appreciate the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills. Internal job training and employee development are a big plus. Make sure that when you delegate a task, the virtual assistant has all tools and skills needed to complete the task. Providing training and support will reflect a healthy culture and environment in the workplace.

  1. Give clear instructions

Every good delegator provides basic and important information without micromanaging. Remember, open and clear communication is crucial. Share the goals or milestones you hope to achieve with your virtual assistant and let them tackle the problem. Additionally, giving the right context of the task, highlighting the importance, and setting clear expectations removes all blurred lines and also decreases the chances of mistakes. It is good practice to write down what is expected, as well as a breakdown of steps and actions needed in order to achieve the task successfully.

  1. Check in periodically and provide feedback

For ease of communication, try using systems like Google docs and sheets, and have periodic team meetings. Remember to give constructive feedback at regular intervals, this will develop trust and confidence. It will also motivate them to work better.

  1. Share in rewards and give credit where due

Be sure to take the time to offer praise and celebrate the successes of your virtual assistants from time to time. Do performance reviews at the end of each quarter or at the end of the project. A simple technique to put the score on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be vital for transparency.

Delegating may take some up-front effort, but we guarantee you it’s all going to pay off in the near future. To download the complete “7 Delegation Tips Every Attorney Must Know” guide, please click HERE.

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