8 BIG Reasons Podcast Guesting Can Help Build Your Business

This article was provided by Anastasia Lipske, founder of Access Speakers, a speaker and podcast booking agency. Anastasia has a proven track record of booking over 1,600 engagements for her clients. She also has a unique talent for consulting business owners on personal branding strategies that can help them improve their chances of getting booked for speaking engagements or podcast interviews.

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing content mediums out there today, and it isn’t just for influencers or celebrities to get extra content out there—it can be a great tool for business to showcase their expertise when they show up as a guest on a show! However, as with any content-focused medium, there’s a right and wrong way to being a guest on a show.

If done right, you’ll see an influx of leads and referrals coming your way! Here are just a few benefits of using podcast guesting as a marketing strategy:

  • Google Juice aka SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits! The online digital footprint from podcasting and guesting is huge. Your website and contact information are shared in the podcast show notes, the host websites, hosting websites, and more. All of these link back to your own site, thereby organically getting you noticed. Additionally, every time your name is out there and associated with your topic it pings the online world saying “Hey – this person is discussing this again. Pay attention.” 
  • Visibility! Shows are shared socially, exposing you to new eyes and ears! The more often people see your name (and often your image) the more it supports the “know–like–trust” factor. They get to know you and your personality as they listen in on your conversation with the host and connect with you on a more personal level. This is how you position yourself as a thought leader in your niche.
  • Establishes credibility! The fact that you are being interviewed on your topic automatically implies that you know what you’re talking about. After all, the host invited you to their show because they believe you are a credible expert. Listeners of that show trust that host to carefully vet the guests. In essence, the host has already endorsed you.
  • Evergreen! Have you ever discovered a new podcast and then listened to past episodes? I know I have. In fact, I remember many years ago liking a show so much that I literally did a reverse play and started with episode 001! Your interview may be listened to by a potential client three years after the fact! That’s powerful!
  • CTA (Call to Action) that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch! Most hosts ask their guests how their listeners can find them and if there is something special they are offering. This is your chance to merely respond to the host vs. you “pitching” your offer so the listeners tend to be far more receptive to your message. 
  • Reach YOUR potential clients! Every show has listeners that come back week after week because they know that the host will only bring on guests that would be of value and interest to them based on their demographics. Organically this creates a targeted audience that is in alignment with what you offer.
  • Repurposing content! Your interviews can be converted to text allowing you to take that content and write blogs, your book, and more as you capture what naturally flows through conversation. You also can take snippets of audio and video to create marketing reels. Note: Not all content shared via podcasts are public domain so always inquire with the host, but most will say yes because they’d like the exposure as well. 
  • It’s fun and easy! You are merely having a conversation vs. speaking where you need to have a prepared presentation. Get yourself a good internet connection, microphone, and headset and you are ready to roll! And with the latter…it doesn’t need to be expensive equipment. You can get all you need for less than $200!

The most important thing to consider is that if you have a message, podcasting guesting is a great way to get it out there. What are you waiting for?

If you’d like help getting on more podcasts, my team would love to help! Visit Access Speakers to learn more.

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