A Free (And Great!) Spreadsheet App

Why pay over $100 for a license to use Microsoft Excel when there’s a free spreadsheet app out there that has just as much functionality, if not more, and is easier to use? That’s Google Sheets. Google has taken everything you’ve come to rely on with Excel (and Numbers if you’re a Mac user) and put it into an easy-to-use application. (Also, if this reads familiar to you — yes, it’s just like Google Docs from a couple of months ago!)

Google Sheets has a similar look and feel to Microsoft Excel and even allows you to save your documents in an Excel, Numbers, or CSV format if you need to send something to someone on a specific platform. However, Google’s sharing settings allow total collaboration, so all people need is a Google email and they can view and edit documents you send them.

We use Google Sheets internally to organize data, manage our budget, and so much more!

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