An Easy Way to Follow Up with All of Your Contacts!

At Spotlight Branding, we believe staying top-of-mind with your contacts is one of the biggest missed opportunities for law firms. As a business owner, you know you need to follow up with all of the people you meet on a regular basis, but as your contact list grows, it becomes impossible to make a phone call or go out to lunch with everyone. However, sending an email newsletter – that’s packed with valuable information, by the way – is one of the best things you can do to keep in touch with your contacts.

We recommend MailChimp, though there are other programs like Constant Contact and AWeber that accomplish the same goals. We like MailChimp because it allows you to create a 

custom email design that can match the look and feel of your website, creating brand consistency. MailChimp also offers several analytics and testing options to allow you to get the most out of your campaigns.

All you have to do is put together one email each month. Feature one of your blog articles, add a video if you have them, and include any updates or announcements from your firm. It’s that simple, and it makes a big difference.

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Spotlight Branding

Spotlight Branding is a content marketing and branding firm for lawyers and other professionals. Our goal is to help you create an online presence that positions you as a credible expert in your field, keeps you connected with your network in order to stay top of mind and increase referrals, and to become more visible online so prospects can find you!