Are You Analyzing Traffic to Your Website?

You have Google Analytics installed on your website, right? (If not, stop reading right now and give your webmaster a call—it’s that important.) But how often do you review the data? If you’re not taking a look at LEAST once per month, there is no way that your internet presence is as effective as it could be. These statistics tell you much more than simply how many visitors your website is receiving—and whether it is judging the effectiveness of your SEO and AdWords campaign, or simply evaluating the popularity of your on-site blog, you can’t do it without the data provided by your traffic statistics.

Below are four metrics to pay particular attention to:

1) Traffic sources. How are visitors finding their way to your website? How effective are your social media platforms in terms of generating traffic? Which keywords are your visitors using to find you on the search engines? This information is critical when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of your internet marketing presence.

2) Landing Pages. Where are visitors entering your website? Are they starting at your home page—or are they following links that may lead them first to, for instance, your contact page or your blog? Many website visitors won’t view more than a single page—so it’s important that your landing pages are effective. If visitors are frequently landing on pages that are less compelling, figure out a way to direct them to more effective pages instead.

3) Exit Pages. Where are visitors leaving your website? If a specific page is generating more than its fair share of exits, there may be a problem. This data is particularly important if you use your website to sell products, because it allows you to evaluate your sales funnel and identify areas of weakness.

4) Visitor Location. Where, geographically, are your visitors located? If you’re a local Miami business, visitors from the West Coast aren’t going to be worth much. If you’re generating traffic from locations outside of your target market, you are wasting resources—but you won’t know it if you don’t evaluate the data.

In order to maintain a powerful online presence, it’s essential that you pay attention to your website statistics. To learn more, or if you’d like help tracking and analyzing this data, contact us today!

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