Are You Wasting Money on the Wrong Marketing?

*This post originally appeared in the December 2019 edition of our print newsletter.

We’re not going to lie; marketing is expensive. Buying pay-per-click advertising, hiring a copywriter to create compelling content, sending out print mailers — all these things cost money. That said, in our experience, the cost of marketing isn’t what frustrates most lawyers. What they hate is worrying they’re spending thousands on the wrong marketing. 

It’s an understandable concern, but really, you only need to do one thing to ensure you’re not pouring your marketing budget down the drain: Measure your own success. 

When you employ a third-party vendor like us to do your marketing, it can be tempting to “set it and forget it.” In other words, you might feel compelled to leave it up to the vendor to keep track of your ROI. Don’t give in to that temptation! No one has a better understanding of your goals and the full scope of your firm’s marketing efforts than you. If you’re ready to take charge of your own marketing destiny and stop wasting your money, take these three steps today. 


Not all data points are created equal. Despite what some marketers will tell you, an increase in Twitter followers doesn’t translate to more revenue. The first step to measuring your marketing success is deciding what’s worth measuring. Focus on statistics that move the needle, like the number of referrals, new clients, and returning clients your efforts generate. 


What does the word “success” mean to you? Consider what your goals are and what achieving them would look like. Do you need to get a certain number of referrals or new clients per month to feel like your marketing is working? Figure out what matters to you. Then communicate your goals to your vendor. 


Whether you’re a business owner, marketing manager, or project lead, you need to accept responsibility for tracking your marketing success. Start making spreadsheets — then use them! This doesn’t mean you have to do all of the marketing yourself, but tracking your own results is empowering and gives your firm independence, letting you see for yourself whether your investments are paying off. 

Spotlight Branding would love to work with you to identify your marketing goals and keep track of your successes. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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