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One of the First Legal CRMs Continues to Show Why It’s One of the Best

In the early days of legal tech, there were just two case management products on the market—Needles and Trialworks. Those two pioneering companies have since merged to form Assembly, and the combined engineering superteams have taken the best features from both platforms to create Neos, Assembly’s cloud-based practice management software. This feature will explain everything you need to know about Neos and why it may be a good fit for your firm.


Neos exists on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Azure’s bank-level security and flexibility allows Neos to provide ongoing enhancements and updates without subjecting customers to downtime during massive downloads. 

Assembly also knows that every law firm practices differently. As Robb Steinberg (Trialworks founder and current Cloud Migration Lead at Assembly) told us: “You have two law firms across the street doing the same type of practice, and they practice totally differently and cannot imagine practicing any other way.” This allows for Neos to provide custom solutions to the way each firm practices law.

To support each firm’s unique needs, Neos allows firms to customize case layouts and intakes to fit their state’s nuances. For example, some states require a note on the weather conditions at the time of a car accident while others do not. Neos allows you to add extra fields for any additional information a firm may need to include in a case file.


Assembly understands that firms rely on multiple applications to support their business workflows. That’s why Neos offers more than 30 integrations, such as DocuSign, QuickBooks, MailChimp, RingCentral, LawPay, and Microsoft Office 365. Firms can also leverage Zapier to connect with virtually any other application not currently integrated with Neos.

Reporting and Analytics

We know how important data is to your firm’s success, and we know that each law firm relies on key metrics to measure productivity, ROI, and profitability. Neos helps firms monitor these key performance indicators with flexible and customizable reporting capabilities.

Unique Features

Neos offers full OCR (optical character reader) capabilities, making it a breeze to search for key terms in PDF documents or images across all historic case files. Firms can even bypass the need for Adobe Acrobat and can redact, edit, annotate, and modify PDFs right in Neos.

Along with its direct integration with SharePoint, Neos is able to sync Microsoft applications on different devices. For example, users can add a calendar event on their phone and it will instantaneously show up in the calendar in Neos. If a Neos user writes an email on their phone, Neos will use the information (such as the recipient’s email address) and automatically add that data record to the correct case file. These automatic features save substantial time by eliminating the need to re-input data that was already added on a different device.

Ethics & Security

Neos is software developed by lawyers for lawyers. To that end, Assembly fully understands the need for security and ethical practices around data protection, which is why it chose to host Neos on Microsoft Azure. Thanks to Azure, Neos allows for constant backups and can reset a firm’s SharePoint documents to any point in time, should a vulnerability or user mistake compromise a firm’s data.

Furthermore, each Neos is a provisioned tenant on Microsoft Azure cloud, ensuring that your firms data is kept confidential and there is no cross-pollination between firms. Assembly will never ask for a firm’s credentials at any point in the onboarding process.

Who Is Neos For?

Neos is perfect for firms of all sizes and practice types from solos to Big Law to corporate to government entities. Its superlative flexibility allows firms to tailor the platform to their unique practices. Having been in the industry for upwards of 30 years, there’s little Assembly hasn’t yet encountered in the legal space.

Pricing & Packages

Neos offers subscription types that allow firms to choose what will best fit their needs. 

Do you need to get up and running as quickly as possible? Assembly offers a transition that will get you live in as little as 45 days. 

For larger firms and packages, Neos provides a professional services team and ongoing training to guide you through setup and execution of your workflows, analytics, and more. Pricing starts at $89 per month per user.

Want to see Neos in action? Request an expert-led 1-1 demo today!

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