Book Your Consultations with Ease!

If you or your receptionist are scheduling your consultations by manually entering all of the appointment info into your calendar, there are ways to make that task much more efficient. There are several booking apps out there that you can use, and they all integrate rather seamlessly with your website, CRM, and personal calendar. 

We at Spotlight Branding use You Can Book Me. If you’ve scheduled a call with us before (or plan to do so in the future), you’ll see how the calendar looks on a web page. When someone schedules a call through the app/plugin, it gets automatically added to our calendars. Along with a notification that a call was booked, we also get a reminder a few minutes before the call so we can be sure we’re prepared.

In addition to You Can Book Me, some of our clients have utilized other apps like Acuity, Bookly, and Calendly. From what we’ve seen, you can’t go wrong. Just take the time to do your research, or simply ask your webmaster for their recommendation. These apps are not hard to integrate and use, and you’ll save a ton of time by streamlining this simple process.

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