Branding and Your Small Business

Why is branding so important for a small business? It’s an easy assumption to make a lot of times that when we think about branding, we think about larger companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and even Amazon, we think that branding is just kind of a thing that you can do once you have this gigantic marketing budget where branding almost just seems like fluff marketing. But that’s not really the purpose that branding serves.

When it comes to small businesses and small business owners, branding has so much more potential to be a very powerful marketing tool. It all comes down to understanding the culture that we live in right now and how people do their research and make buying decisions. If you’re a small business owner, branding actually can be the driving force behind how people choose to hire you. 

Think about it this way. Let’s say that someone is in search of a lawyer and they’re doing Google map searches, they’re searching on Google, they’re asking friends, and they’re asking for referrals. They have 10 websites that they were given that they can go to. Nine of those websites are really basic or they’re just a ton of pages to sift through.

On the basic side, it’s just a website that has a logo. It has the name of the firm. It has the attorney’s picture, and a bio. Maybe it says what practice area they do. Maybe it has the phone number. 

On the other side of that, maybe it’s a website that has just 30 different practice area pages and it’s a picture of the entire legal team walking menacingly down the street, down the courthouse steps. It just feels big. It feels like big law. It feels like they do a lot of the legal work that person is searching for. But there’s just not a lot of connection there. There’s not any real indication that law firm specializes in the issue that that person is having now. 

Granted, that website will have more success and convert more than just the basic website with a logo and an attorney bio, but where you’re going to find the most success and increase your conversions is if you really focus on the branding side of things: 

  • You have a consistent message that you’re putting out. 
  • You’re clearly identifying where your expertise lies. 
  • You’re creating that connection with your audience.

All of a sudden they now see that you are exactly what they need. You understand their situation and you’re the person they need to work with.

That’s why branding is so important and plays a much bigger role for small businesses than it does for your mega companies like Coca Cola, McDonald’s, etc. It has more value for small businesses because you can make an impact in your town, whether you are living in a 30,000 person town or a million person city. If you’re branding yourself and really putting out there that you are the lawyer for [whatever it is you do], that’s what’s really going to elevate you. You’re going to be seen as the expert because people want to work with the expert.

If you have not really thought about your brand and who you are, we highly encourage you to do that. If you need some help, if you want some thoughts, you want to brainstorm a little bit, feel free to reach out to us today.

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