Bring Your Office to Life with Samsung Art TVs

Okay, we’ll admit that this piece of tech is a little bit “extra,” especially after we tell you how we use it. But also, these TVs are incredible.

When you’re outfitting your firm with decor, you almost certainly look for a few different art pieces to hang on the wall. Maybe you have one or two pieces in your own office right now. Well, what if you could A) regularly swap out the art on the wall and B) utilize that wall space with another form of tech when you needed it? That’s what the Samsun Art TVs can do!

Inside our offices here at Spotlight HQ, we have several of these TVs on the wall in lieu of traditional art, and they provide us with a ton of benefits:

  1. We can screencast from our computers to the TV, making it easier to have meetings and display information without everyone having to be looking at their computers.
  2. We can have a movie or TV show running in the background or for group events.
  3. When we’re not using the TV, we can have beautiful art displayed.

Seriously, the resolution on these TVs makes art look incredible. People will be shocked to learn that you actually have a TV!

If you’re looking to level up your firm’s decor AND tech, these TVs are a great choice.

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