Crafting Marketing Systems to Get Results

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Marketing is a complex thing. It’s not necessarily hard to do once you have a solid plan and the right systems in place, but there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. Crafting and implementing strong Marketing Systems will equip your Marketing Team and vendors to do their jobs with excellence and get results!

Your Marketing Department is one of your most fast-paced teams, but it’s also the area of your business that’s most likely to be filled with people who are very creative and strategic. These superstars are people who can work well with systems but may not be likely to create them on their own. When creative people attack a project without clear workflows and systems, things can veer off track quickly.

Step 1: Craft Your Workflows

Whether you are creating a marketing plan for an upcoming campaign or designing your quarterly content calendar, being able to follow effective workflows will equip your Marketing Team to work productively and effectively. This may not seem like such a big deal when your team is small, but as it grows, it will become a vital part of the process. 

Even with a small team though, effective workflows will save your team a lot of time and significantly reduce the chance of duplicated or dropped tasks. They help everyone understand their specific role in the process and offer a workable timeline for execution.

Step 2: Understand Your Marketing Vehicles

Many clients that my Marketing Coaches and I talk with want to create high-converting marketing plans, but aren’t sure how to utilize multiple marketing vehicles. Marketing Vehicles are merely methods to help spread your message.  By using platforms like your email list, social media profiles, Bonjoro videos, direct mail, and community outreach, you can reach a larger number of people in a way that best resonates with your ideal client.

It’s not enough to simply use multiple vehicles, though; it’s also important to have clear systems in place for how to use each one. Otherwise, your Marketing Team may waste hours of time trying to keep up with each of them and will likely bring in results that are far less than your goal. By taking the time to put these systems in place, you can both save time (and payroll) and increase your ROI!

Step 3: Implement Checks and Balances

Whether your Marketing Team is made up of employees, contractors, or vendors (or a combination of all three), implementing checks and balances is an essential part of the process. These will help keep your Marketing Team accountable and help determine which marketing efforts are working and which are not.

These checks and balances may include an approval process, KPI Scorecards, checklists, and timelines. Each of these should provide the structure that your team needs while also allowing for the creative freedom to craft amazing content.

Crafting effective Marketing Systems may take some time, but being intentional about building them will make a huge difference in your marketing efforts!

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