Create Landing Pages That Convert with Unbounce

If you’re running ads or promoting a lead magnet through a sponsored email or event, you want to make sure you’re executing the most optimal strategy you can. And while you can certainly create a landing page on your firm’s website, it can be difficult to track the individual success of that page and even more difficult to A/B test certain elements. That’s where Unbounce comes in.

Unbounce allows you to create great-looking landing pages that allow you to A/B test various elements of a page and gives you easy-to-understand data that shows you how well your page performed. We use Unbounce all the time with various marketing campaigns, and with a simple Zapier integration, we can have Unbounce communicate seamlessly with our CRM to automatically create new lead records every time our page converts.

The only downside to Unbounce is that it takes a decent amount of technical acumen, so if that’s not you, it’s best left to delegate to your marketing person or to hire a freelancer to help you set up these campaigns. Regardless, Unbounce is a wonderful tool that can help you convert better and help you better understand the performance of your marketing.

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