Create Raving Fans with a Client Happiness Coordinator

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Client care is a key component of any successful business – but as you grow, you might find that it’s one of the things that quickly drops off. This isn’t intentional by any means; it’s just a product of having less time to devote to all the details of client care. This is where a Client Happiness Coordinator comes in: this superstar’s job is to give your clients 5-star service and create raving fans!

What is a Client Happiness Coordinator?

A Client Happiness Coordinator has one job: to take incredible care of your clients, making them feel valued throughout their journey with you. This one job has a lot of different aspects though, from checking in with your clients at predetermined times to keeping track of your Net Promoter Score. 

This person needs to be both outgoing and strategic, as they hold the responsibility of staying in touch, delighting your clients, and serving as the first line of defense if any issues or complaints arise. Having clear expectations and systems for this superstar to follow is vital!

Wowing and Delighting Your Clients

This is where your CHC can really have some fun. There are so many great ways to wow and delight your clients, from curating gifts to sending customized cards. We love to surprise our clients with gifts to celebrate wins, encourage them when they hit a milestone, celebrate new additions to their families, and show that we care when challenges hit.

Our Client Happiness Coordinator curates gifts from a variety of sources, but always strives to find something our client will love. This is possible because she is intentional about building a relationship with each client – because she takes the time to get to know them, she can get creative in picking out gifts and cards they’ll love!

Growing Your Sales

A Client Happiness Coordinator is not only vital in caring for your clients, but they are also a key member of your Marketing and Sales Teams. Your CHC will do this in a couple of different ways.

First, they have a huge role in creating raving fans – the people who are most likely to send you referrals. When your clients have a great experience with you and feel valued by your team, they’ll be more likely to refer their friends and colleagues to you. 

Second, your CHC can be tasked with obtaining testimonials – and this social proof can make the difference between a prospect being “on the fence” and deciding to work with you. When they can read or watch to find out what it’s like to work with you firsthand, the decision to hire or purchase from you becomes much easier!

That’s not all, though. Your CHC is also key in learning about new sales opportunities with existing clients. It’s not uncommon to have clients that will come to you for one thing but down the line, have something else that your company can help them with. By keeping in consistent touch with your clients, your Client Happiness Coordinator can help them find the right solutions throughout their journey with you!

I’ve often said that your CHC can be your most profitable hire – hopefully, it’s now easy to see why!

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