Creating Engaging Content: The “Top 3” Method

In our employee lounge at Spotlight Branding, we have several posters hanging on the wall. They’re not memes or our core values (those are elsewhere). They’re a series of seven prompts we use as jumping-off points to generate engaging, informative content for our clients. 

These prompts are some of our team’s success secrets. We’ve kept it under wraps for years, but now we’ve decided it’s just too good not to share. So, for the next seven newsletters, we’ll give you a rundown of one prompt from the list and explain how you can use it to create valuable marketing content. This month, we’re covering what we call “The Top 3 Method.” 

The Top 3 Method is pretty simple. To create an article based on it, all you need to do is choose a category in your legal niche (e.g., special needs trusts if you’re an estate planner, things to financially prepare for if you’re a divorce lawyer) and come up with three things in that category. 

Here are a few titles you might find on a “Top 3” article: 

  • The Top 3 Provisions You Must Include in Your Estate Plan
  • 3 Things to Financially Prepare for in a Divorce
  • 3 Steps to Take After a Car Crash
  • Use These 3 Methods to Avoid an IRS Audit 

Once you have your three things, you just need to throw together an introductory paragraph, a paragraph about each thing, and a short conclusion to create a blog post or podcast script. Just make sure the things you’re ranking are relevant to your industry, your firm, or you personally (e.g., My Top 3 Restaurants in Houston) to build your expertise. 

This prompt works well because you only have to think of one category, and the three things fall easily in place. It also gives you a built-in article structure of headings and subheadings that’s easy to read!

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