Developing a Clear Marketing Plan that Gets Results

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Stepping into your marketing without a clear plan is like trying to cook a new dish without a recipe: you’ll get results, but they probably won’t be the ones you’re looking for. In order to develop a plan that will attract the right people and bring them along your customer journey, you’ll need to sit down to develop a plan.

Fortunately, we have clear steps for you to follow! 

Determining Your Marketing Goals

As with any good plan, your marketing plan should start with your goals. This goes deeper than “I want to bring in sales” or “I want to increase my website traffic.” 

How much revenue do you want to bring in, and how quickly does it need to happen?

What percentage of traffic increase do you want to see?

Once you have your goals in place, write them down and communicate them to your team. These will form the foundation of your marketing plan!

Developing Your Messaging

Your goals provide the foundation; your messaging is what will resonate with your ideal audience and draw them in. 

There are two steps to this: 

  1. Identify your ideal audience – who are they? Where do they hang out? What are their pain points and desires?
  2. Determine how you can best meet their needs. Which solution do you provide, and how do you do it better than anyone else? What sets you apart from the competition?

Take some time to think through these questions. If you have a Marketing Team, get them together and have a brainstorming session. As you consider various ideas, write them down and consider which you should use.

You’ll be amazed at the ideas that will come forward!

Decide Which Platforms You Should Utilize

There are a lot of choices for platforms (also called “marketing vehicles”), and it’s important to be strategic about which ones you use.

This is for a number of reasons:

  • By narrowing down the platforms you choose, you’ll streamline the content creation time for your team.
  • By strategically choosing the platforms that are most likely to bring you the strongest ROI, you’ll avoid watering down your message and fatiguing your audience.

In the process, you’ll also gain valuable marketing research to help you figure out which platforms work (and which don’t). This will help you hone the process even further next time!

Create, Calendar, and Schedule the Content

If you have a Marketing Team, this is where you delegate the implementation of your marketing plan. If not, this is the time to get strategic about batching your tasks.

If you’re working on a short-term plan (like a quick launch or promotion), you’ll want to make sure that everything is calendared out. 

  • Which types of content will you need, and when are the drafts due?
  • By when will you give feedback and approvals?
  • When will the final drafts be due?
  • When will everything be scheduled by?

If you’re working on a long-term plan like your quarterly or annual content calendar, you’ll want to map out the monthly or quarterly themes.

I find that it’s easiest to start with what is often called “cornerstone content.” This includes things like your blog posts or YouTube videos – longer pieces that you can easily pull clips from and repurpose. This will allow you to streamline your content creation time and present a cohesive message!

Marketing does come with a lot of changes and small pivots – that’s just the nature of it – but with a clear plan in place, you’ll be able to make the most of your team’s time and your marketing budget while getting the best possible results!

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