Do Your Employees Pass the GWC Test? 3 Questions to Increase Your Team’s Effectiveness

Last month we explained why performance conversations are more valuable than performance reviews. One question we encouraged you to ask was this: “Does the team member still understand, enjoy, and have the capacity to perform their role?” You didn’t know it, but that question was actually an overview of the GWC Test — a questionnaire that can increase the communication, effectiveness, and performance of your team. 

GWC is an acronym Spotlight Branding borrowed from The EOS Model to use in our quarterly conversations. A team member who passes the GWC test Gets their role, Wants their role, and has the Capacity to perform their role. 

To “test” your employee, bring these three topics up in your performance conversation. 

  • Do they get it? Is the employee clear on what their role entails and how it fits within the firm’s ecosystem? Ask them to share their thoughts, and then share yours as the manager. Ideally, the two of you should be on the same page. 
  • Do they want it? Is the team member still happy in their role? Do they want to continue doing it? Maybe they’re beginning to burn out, or perhaps they’re excelling as a receptionist but would love to be a paralegal. This is a vital discussion to have. Simply asking, “Are you happy and satisfied?” is a great way to kick off the conversion. 
  • Do they have the capacity to do it? Does the team member have the skills, tools, and time necessary to do their job effectively? You’ll never know if they’re lost or underskilled if you don’t ask! 

Ideally, you’ll get “yes” to all three questions and your team member will pass the GWC Test. But keep in mind that “failing” a GWC Test isn’t really a failure — it’s an opportunity. What matters is that you’ve found the points of friction. 

If a team member doesn’t get their role, you can clarify it. If they don’t want their role, you can make a change. And if they don’t have the capacity to do their role, you can offer them tools OR find a different way to utilize their skills. Ultimately, using the GWC Test will help you create a more communicative, effective, and high-performing team.

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