Don’t Be Fooled by Vanity Numbers: Employ the 4th Law of Content Marketing – Track the Right Results

Imagine that it’s a Monday morning. You walk into your office and your secretary says, “I have good news!” Which of these two things would you want to hear next? 

  1. “We gained 10,000 new followers on Twitter!” 
  2. “We got referrals from three clients, and I just booked them all for consultations!” 

#2, right? You probably picked that one because consultations are almost guaranteed to make you money, while Twitter followers don’t put anything in your pocket. And you’re absolutely right. Not all good news is created equal — and neither are all metrics. 

When it comes to marketing, many law firm owners and marketing companies don’t understand the difference between helpful metrics and useless ones, which we like to call “vanity numbers.” If you’re focused on tracking data like email open rates, Facebook likes, or Twitter followers, then you’re getting stuck in vanity land. And if the marketing company you’ve hired is doing that, then they’re doing you a disservice! 

Instead of focusing on vanity numbers, you should prioritize tracking revenue-generated results like new clients, referrals, and average case value. These are metrics we include in the 4th Law of Content Marketing: Track the Right Results. 

Following this law is easier said than done, but you’ve already accomplished the first step by figuring out what to track. From there, you can create your spreadsheets or hire a marketing company like ours that sees eye to eye with you on which metrics are important. We actually want to help you grow your business instead of just wowing you with statistics. 

Finally — and this is the hardest part — if you have an outside marketing team, you’ll need to collaborate with them. Only you really know how many referrals and new clients you’re getting, or what your average case value is. By communicating that with us, we can see what’s working and what isn’t and double down on helping you succeed. 

We’re always here to discuss the metrics that actually matter. When you’re ready to have a free conversation about the numbers, schedule a meeting with us today.

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